Jells Park Primary School have been very busy throughout Term 2 preparing for the 2014 RACV Energy Breakthrough upcoming in November.

The students have begun training twice a week as a whole squad to determine and select our 4 teams.

Jells-IMG_2437 Jells Park are lucky enough to have a parent at their school who is a personal fitness trainer. She is training the students on a Tuesday to help build their core fitness. Fitness training has been fantastic. Having a personal fitness trainer to teach the students about particular muscles and strengthening exercises has been awesome.

The students have also had the opportunity to practice in the vehicles on a Thursday before school.

Fitness tests have been conducted and also written tests about the event, which has assisted Jells Park select their 4 teams. The students are now practicing in their respective vehicles.  The two HPV teams will be doing some training at Casey Fields during the holidays to develop their fitness and cart handling skills.

This year Jells have had a huge push for sponsorship with awesome results.”We are very happy to have some amazing sponsors on board and thank them for their generosity”.

Student engagement has been very high this term and each member has participated in all training sessions and meetings. The sponsorship program has been a great success this term with many sponsors already on board. With the extra donations, new equipment can be purchased for the team and make this a fantastic event.

Jells-IMG_2398Next term will be full on for everyone. HPV teams will be training at Casey Fields on a weekly basis to further develop their fitness and cart handling.  The school is also looking at participating in the Bendigo HPV Grand Prix in August and the Casey 6 hour event in October.

All four teams will begin working on their presentations and having sessions learning about the design and construction of their vehicles.With weekly trainings continuing at school and we will be discussing our uniforms, camping equipment and design of our vehicles.

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The RACV Energy Breakthrough Online Team have sourced and prepared these progress reports for the interest of new and existing teams joining the RACV Energy Breakthrough adventure.

We’d like to thank all schools involved!

~ The Online Team