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ResourceSmart Schools program is here to help EB teams reduce their waste (for free!)

At Energy Breakthrough we have a focus on reducing event waste and have made great progress over the last two years. In 2024,  we are excited to have ResourceSmart Schools (RSS) program here to help us and our schools continue to improve. Each school that registers (for FREE) to this award winning program before 28 June 2024 will receive one-on-one support from a waste education specialist to ensure their team is prepared and raring to go for the event.

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We’ve compiled a 2024 National HPV Events Calendar

We've compiled a national 2024 HPV and EEV events calendar to help demonstrate the breadth and depth of interest in human powered and energy efficient vehicles across Australia. These include events in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia. We at the Energy Breakthrough see these 'other events' as great learning and capacity building opportunities - especially for young people - but for designers, builders, riders, race officials, volunteers and more.

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We salute our ‘Special Award’ Winners for 2023!

As we sign-off for the end of the year, we take a quick moment to salute our Special Award Winners for 2023. Here are our Best First Year School, Best Presentation, Encouragement Award, Safety Award and Innovation Award winners.

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2024 and 2025 Energy Breakthrough Event Dates and Entry Fees announced

Who looks ahead to 2024 and 2025 before 2023 has come to a close? We do! (and we know schools like to plan ahead). Check out the future dates and proposed entry fees for the Energy Breakthrough.

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2023 Energy Breakthrough a success

Phew! The 2023 Energy Breakthrough has wrapped up for 2023! We are first and foremost an education event. Students are learning by doing first-hands across many curriculum areas. The racing is the flashy bit, but there’s a lot of other assessments going on, too. We were early pulse check from schools is that the new 'One Track' format and new event schedule was a smooth experience. We hope everyone is enjoying a chance to recharge as the school year winds down.

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