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KidzFlip : 2018 Volunteers aiming to become Participants in 2019

If you walked by Corner Eight of track one at the Energy Breakthrough this year, you would have come across a policeman and a group of young adults, marshalling the infamous 'crash corner'.  These young adults were there day-and-night-and-day for this year’s Breakthrough, and the reason why is pretty special: part community service, part reconnaissance as KidzFlip prepares for a tilt at the Energy Breakthrough in 2019.

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New Kids on The Track – Pearcedale Primary School

For a new school to be participating in the Energy Breakthrough, it can be a pretty daunting experience. But not for newcomers Pearcedale Primary School from the Mornington Peninsula, who are attended their first Energy Breakthrough in 2018.

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EB celebrates Dylan on International Day of People with Disability (Dec 3)

Meet Dylan from St Augustine's in Maryborough. He and his team have just finished 10th overall in the Pushcart class out of 39 teams at the 2018 Energy Breakthrough. Dylan has Down syndrome, but that hasn't stopped him or his team participating or celebrating. This International Day of People with Disability on 3 December, we want to bring into focus stories like Dylan's, but also the many young people with a disability who participate in our event.

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Live on-board footage at the Energy Breakthrough 2018 (Video)

Ever wanted to see the track from the inside of one of our entrants? We jumped on-board with Rode Rage during their Friday Night Practice Session and captured their fastest lap of the night. Let us know in the comments what you think about being in the riders seat as we go for a trip around Track 1! Video production by Ty Hall.

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Super Saturday – Catch Up on All Things Pushcarts and HPV A Related!

Our Primary School HPV teams were back down on the VicRoads Track nice and early this morning for the restart of their 14 hour trial after being on compulsory breaks overnight.  The day also kicked off nice and early for our Pushcart teams who took part in their Sprints down on the front straight of Track 1. 

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