As we sign-off for the end of the year, we take a quick moment to salute our Special Award Winners for 2023. Here are our Best First Year School, Best Presentation, Encouragement Award, Safety Award and Innovation Award winners.


Best First Year School (Primary)
In Memory of Judy Parker
Katamatite Primary School – Pushcarts team – 90.3 / 100 points

Best Display & Presentation (Primary)
In Memory of Ian ‘ROGO’ Rogerson
Laurimar Primary School – Phoenix (#1) – 24.2 / 25 points

Encouragement Award (Primary)

Talbot Primary School

“This team from Talbot overcome some major design challenges with their newly built human powered vehicle to ensure that two team members  were also able to participate in the Trial event. The two members had contributed significantly to the team throughout the year and the rest of the team did not want them to miss out.” ~ Mick McTigue, Technical Lead

Talbot Primary School students at the Energy Breakthrough


Best First Year School (Secondary)
Edenhope College / Balmoral – BERT (#86) – 74.2 / 100 points

Best Display & Presentation (Secondary)
In Memory of Ian ‘ROGO’ Rogerson
Highview College – Kenough (#325) – 23.9 / 25 points

Encouragement Award (Secondary)

Crusoe College – Sakura

“The team at Crusoe College had a genuine crack at building a new vehicle in 2023 – a project that started pre-COVID! The students, led by Bryce Nicholls, worked with two local Bendigo Manufacturers in Thales and the Australian Turntable Company to develop plans and jigs for the new vehicle. After pouring so much time into building the new vehicle, they didn’t quite get enough time to finalise everything.

After running the new vehicle the Friday night Practice, the team realised the vehicle wasn’t quite ready to start a 24-hour race (let alone finish one). Thankfully, the community racing team – Bendigo Racing Team (BRT) – were at the event and aware of the situation. They stepped in, drove back to Bendigo to get their spare vehicle so the students could participate. That spare vehicle was scrutineered, stickered up for Crusoe College and the students didn’t miss out.

We commend and want to encourage that type of determination to try to build it yourself, even if sometimes things don’t work as we plan.”

~ Mick McTigue, Technical Lead and Nigel Preston, Education Team Leader

Safety Award

Kingswood College – EVO

“Their vehicle was really nicely sealed inside and they had extra padding around the rider to stop them from being grazed in a crash. The safety features were exceptional and this was confirmed with their perfect score of 25 out of 25 in Design & Construction!”

~ Mick McTigue, Technical Lead

Innovation Award

Damascus College – All three teams!

“They have called themselves the ‘sustainable racing team’. They have designed their new vehicle in CAD and now the students can remake all of the spare parts and keep them in a cupboard ready to go. This method reduces any material waste and also ensures they can reuse vehicles and items more often and more easily into future years.”

~ Mick McTigue, Technical Lead

Highview College at the Energy Breakthrough
Damascus College Energy Efficient Vehicle
Kingswood College Human Powered Vehicle