Join us to talk “EB in the Classroom” on Thursday 9 May

Program partner, the Country Education Partnership, is inviting you to a Webinar on Thursday 9 May 2019 to talk 'EB in the Classroom' to explore how different schools are integrating the Energy Breakthrough into their classrooms.

Curriculum Resource Round-Up and Webinar

Calling all teachers: do you have curriculum resources that you use to support student's learning through the Energy Breakthrough? Yes! Great! We'd love to hear about what you use and how you use it with the hope that we can share these curriculum resources and ideas across all of the 155 schools that participate in the EB program each year. It's all part of our "Curriculum Resource Round-Up" being led by program partner, the Country Education Partnership, which will feature a Webinar on Thursday 9 May 2019.