The Energy Breakthrough is a joint initiative of the Country Education Partnership (CEP) and the Central Goldfields Shire Council (CGSC).

Since 1991, the Energy Breakthrough has provided opportunities for students, teachers, parents and local industry to work together to design and construct a vehicle, a machine or innovation in technology that will represent an ‘energy breakthrough’.

The program is unique in that all teams must compete across three areas of assessment: Design and Construction, Display and Presentation and Trials.

The Energy Breakthrough isn’t just a once-a-year event. School groups work throughout the year to design, build and test machines within detailed specifications.

The program encourages participants to examine and use the latest technology while considering its impact on the environment and the way people live locally and globally.  It requires a team effort and an across-the-curriculum approach.

These groups then bring their vehicles and machines to Maryborough in Victoria for a huge celebration in which they can demonstrate and trial them in action.



The Program aims to …
  • Provide an excellent technology project for students from Prep to VCE level

  • Encourage young people to explore solutions to environmental and transport issues
  • Provide an opportunity for schools and communities to work and learn together
  • Provide an opportunity for women and girls to participate in what has traditionally been a ‘male’ dominated area of the curriculum
  • Be a fun program with real world challenges
  • Offer students opportunities to explore and address vehicle design, driving skills and vehicle and passenger safety issues
The Three Program Elements …

Display & Presentation

A 20 minute presentation to judges for team members to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of their entry.

Design & Construction

An informal conversation assessing the student’s understanding of the vehicle and the concepts involved in its design and construction.


Thousands of students ranging in age from nine to 19 push, pedal and pilot carts, human powered vehicles and energy efficient vehicles in dynamic tests that can last just a few minutes or as long as 24 hours.

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What We’re About

We are a non-profit community organisation that brings together education, local government and industry into collaborative partnerships, together fostering confident, competent and socially aware young people, ready to make difference in today’s world.

We engage school communities across Australia and bring tourism, economic, and social benefits to regional Victoria, through our active learning program and event.

Our Mission

To inspire young Australians to embrace learning, be creative and innovative, and drive change through the power of collaboration; to celebrate human endeavour and achievement, to respect and care for the environment and our communities.

What We Believe

Curiosity, creativity, collaboration and human endeavour will always lead to innovative breakthroughs that benefit the wellbeing of humanity; and that young people are the future custodians of our Earth.

What We Deliver

The best active learning program and event for primary and secondary schools that aligns with the national education policy.

Our Mantra

Powered by imagination.



In recognition of its tourism success, the Energy Breakthrough has been awarded the Australian Tourism Awards and Victorian Tourism Awards on multiple occasions.

The Australian Tourism Awards are the tourism industry’s peak Awards, recognising and promoting excellence in tourism.

First established by the Federal Government in 1985, the Australian Tourism Awards are now owned and managed by Australian Tourism Awards Inc, on behalf of the tourism industry. The Energy Breakthrough event was awarded Silver in 2014, and Bronze in 2013.

The Victorian Tourism Awards represent an industry framework for peer recognition which fosters a culture for business development excellence and innovation.

The Awards have assisted the Victorian Tourism Industry for over 30 years in striving for excellence. The Energy Breakthrough event was awarded Gold Winner in 2014 and 2013 respectively.

We’d like to thank our major partners as well all our sponsors past and present in making the Energy Breakthrough a success.


Our Values
Engaging school communities to explore their full potential through creative and active learning. It’s about celebrating the journey, embracing discovery and self-discovery.
Igniting the imagination of young minds to push the boundaries of what’s possible and create real world solutions. Finding innovative solutions that respect the Earth, our communities and improves our future.
The best active learning program and event for primary and secondary schools that aligns with the national education policy.
Striving for the highest personal achievement in learning and in life. Being inclusive of others and embracing diversity within communities.
Teamwork and co-operation between education, local government and industry. Working together to achieve common goals, and contributing to the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the community.
Building strong and flourishing communities, enriched by a unified purpose. It’s about people, their interactions, the relationships that form, and the opportunities created.
Empowering the team, inspiring and helping others to grow and succeed. Being Visionary and raising expectations to make a positive difference for the greater good of all.
Being accountable for our individual and community’s actions towards ourselves, others and the environment.
Providing the best program for young people to be successful learners, confident, creative and caring individuals; the wellbeing community and the environment.
Respect for each other and for the environment.