Team composition

  • All entries are to be team entries and must consist of current school students.
  • The program is for young people enrolled in a school or young people enrolled in a secondary school certificate/program and under 20 years of age as of 31 December.
  • Only school-based teams or teams representing educational institutions will be permitted to enter.

Category caps, changes and waitlists:

  • A maximum of three entries per school will be accepted in any category where there is capacity.
  • Junkyard Challenge and Robotics events have no ‘per school’ entry limits.
  • Multi-campus schools may apply to organisers for special consideration for additional entries.
  • Teams registered in the HPV B or C classes who request a transfer to the HPV Open class will incur a 50-lap penalty in the trial.
  • Teams registered in the Tryathlon A or B/C class who request a transfer to the Tryathlon Open class will incur a 15-lap penalty in the endurance trial.
  • Only one entry per school will be accepted in the HPV Open and Tryathlon Open classes.
  • Schools that have an existing entry in the HPV Open or Tryathlon Open classes will not be able to enter additional teams into this class.
  • Schools who won their class overall in the event previous, will be entitled to a guaranteed place for the following year. Team Managers will receive an email to advise of the process.  If the team accepts the entry an invoice will be issued. (If the previous overall winner of a class does not want their automatic entry, this WILL NOT pass onto the second placed team.)
  • Correspondence regarding the status of entries on a waiting list will be made directly to a Team Manager only.
  • The classification for schools entering the A1 and A2 classes will include the TOTAL school enrolment, not the Primary component of a school. This classification will be made by the organisers using information published on each school’s website and the MySchools website.


Entry Payment Details and Refunds

  • All entry fees are GST inclusive.
  • Entry fees include access to on-site facilities, activities, entertainment, planning and administrative expenses.
  • Only online entries are accepted.
  • Payment must be received with 14 days from date of invoice.
  • A team’s entry in the event will not be confirmed until payment is received.
  • Invoices can be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Cheque.  Details for payment are included on the Invoice.
  • Team Managers will be notified by email when a payment has been processed.
  • If, after 14 days, payment has not been received, the team’s entry will be dropped onto the ‘Waiting List’.
  • No refunds are provided except for teams who are placed on a Waiting List and are not offered a place in the event.