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Nigel Preston is a self-confessed 'HPV Tragic'. After 'catching the bug' from his older brother, he helped launch the Energy Breakthrough program at Eaglehawk SC with his dad and some mates way back in 1998. Having participated in the EB for four years he finished his VCE in 2001 and volunteering to help with the event management straight away. He's been helping out ever since. Nigel has also been a part of teams that have taken line honours at the EB in 2000 & 2001 (Bendigo Senior SC); the Australian International Pedal Prix 2003, 2004 & 2009 (Bendigo Youth Racing); and the Wonthaggi Human Powered Grand Prix in 2019.

2024 and 2025 Energy Breakthrough Event Dates and Entry Fees announced

Who looks ahead to 2024 and 2025 before 2023 has come to a close? We do! (and we know schools like to plan ahead). Check out the future dates and proposed entry fees for the Energy Breakthrough.

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2023 Energy Breakthrough a success

Phew! The 2023 Energy Breakthrough has wrapped up for 2023! We are first and foremost an education event. Students are learning by doing first-hands across many curriculum areas. The racing is the flashy bit, but there’s a lot of other assessments going on, too. We were early pulse check from schools is that the new 'One Track' format and new event schedule was a smooth experience. We hope everyone is enjoying a chance to recharge as the school year winds down.

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WATCH: Three of the best videos to get you excited about the Energy Breakthrough

Wanting a go-to source of the best Energy Breakthrough videos to share with friends, family, students, parents (or even principals?). Look no further as we share three hero videos that - at a total runtime of about 10 minutes - are guaranteed to get your excitement levels up for the EB.

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2023 Team Schedules Released

The Energy Breakthrough team have finalised the schedules for Display & Presentation, Design & Construction and Scrutineering for over 100 schools that will be travelling to Maryborough to participate in the Energy Breakthrough (EB). View your school’s schedule now at: https://schedule.eb.org.au/

Teacher and Principal Event Site Tours – Expressions of Interest (2023)

Calling for expressions of interest from School Teachers or Principals to attend a guided Event Site Tour, hosted by Country Education Partnership's Chief Executive, Mark McLay on Friday 24 November 2023.

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Webinars coming this July: Robotics, Junkyard Challenge, Pushcarts and TRYathlon

We have four Webinars upcoming this July: Robotics, Junkyard Challenge, Pushcarts and TRYathlon on July 17, 18, 19 and 24. View the eb.org.au website to find out more.

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