About Nigel Preston

Nigel Preston is a self-confessed 'HPV Tragic'. After 'catching the bug' from his older brother, he helped launch the RACV Energy Breakthrough program at Eaglehawk SC with his dad and some mates way back in 1998. Having participated in the RACV EB for four years he finished his VCE in 2001 and volunteering to help with the event management straight away. He's been helping out ever since. Nigel has also been a part of teams that have taken line honours at the RACV EB in 2000 & 2001 (Bendigo Senior SC); the Australian International Pedal Prix 2003, 2004 & 2009 (Bendigo Youth Racing).

Preview: Human Powered Vehicles – 2018 Contenders and Challengers

Human Powered Vehicles or HPVs: They are our most popular category with 93 Primary School teams and 96 Secondary School Human Powered Vehicle teams completing their final vehicle checks, doing their warm-ups and polishing their presentation skills to ensure. Let's see what all the fuss is about with our annual 'Contenders' review!

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Preview: Energy Efficient Vehicles – Can Girton go back-to-back?

Last year's event saw a true 'Energy Breakthrough,' when Girton Grammar School’s ‘Xception’ was the first team to take Line Honours in the 24 hour trial in a vehicle WITHOUT pedals. But, can they back that up? And what about the other class winners in Holy Trinity, Bendigo Senior and Overnewton? ... and the returning team Rode RAGE? Let's preview the field in this most difficult of challenges: the Energy Efficient Vehicles.

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Voting in the 2018 Victorian State Election on Saturday 24 November – all you need to know

We know it's not that convenient for teams participating in our event, but the 2018 Victorian State Election will be held on Saturday 24 November. That means every Victorian aged 18 and over must vote. They have three options: vote early, by post or on the day. Here's what you need to know:

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Looking ahead: 2019 Specifications Discussion Paper

As previously reported, 2018 marked the beginning of a new era for the Energy Breakthrough. But whilst our event management team have faced some new challenges this year, we are also presented with some new opportunities. These opportunities include a different way of proposing, consulting on and implementing rule changes for the HPV and EEV categories especially, plus some ideas around Innovations In Technology.

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Be #plasticfree this EB – choose tap!

One of the Energy Breakthrough's six aims is to "Encourage young people to explore solutions to environmental and transport issues." Whilst sometimes environmental issues can feel too huge to address, there is one environmental nasty that is in the spotlight this year because it CAN be tackled: PLASTIC. Be #plasticfree this EB - choose tap!

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Online Marshal Training – Updated and ready for volunteers

The Energy Breakthrough's Marshal Training Online (MTO) package has been completely revised and repackaged for 2018, with four NEW videos covering roles, setting up a marshal point, radio use and responding to incidents. All volunteer marshals from community groups and schools are required to complete this training along with teams in the HPV Primary and TRYathlon events who need to provide marshals, too.

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‘Special Awards’ Explained … PLUS the new McCulloch’s Engineering Prize for School-Based-Built Vehicles

Whilst we admire and acknowledge EVERYONE who participates in the Energy Breakthrough, there are some teams who have displayed extraordinary levels of determination, innovation and imagination. Through our series of eight 'Special Awards', we salute those who have gone 'above and beyond' and admire their passion and energy. For 2018, we are excited to announce a NEW award, sponsored by McCullochs Hydraulics Engineers in Bendigo, which aims to encourage and reward school-based design and construction.

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2018 School’s Information Kits Released

The 2018 Schools Information Kits are now ready for download! These act as your team's 'Event Guide': packed full of all the details you and your will need to know for this year’s Energy Breakthrough, including judging schedules and final information.

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Recap: Get Ready for EB, presented by La Trobe University

"Get Ready, presented by LaTrobe University" was livestreamed on Friday 2 November 2018. Presenters included Simon O’Mallon, La Trobe University, Matt Twin, Bendigo Tech School and Natalie Hurst, Bendigo Spirit and Mick McTigue, Energy Breakthrough. Victory Christian College even joined to be a part of the 'studio audience'.

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UPDATED – Free Preparation Webinar, presented by La Trobe University – 2nd November 2018

To help teams prepare for this year's Energy Breakthrough, this year's session will be held at the La Trobe University’s Bendigo campus on Friday 2nd November and streamed online.

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