Phew! The 2023 Energy Breakthrough has wrapped up for 2023! We are first and foremost an education event. Students are learning by doing first-hands across many curriculum areas. The racing is the flashy bit, but there’s a lot of other assessments going on, too. We were early pulse check from schools is that the new ‘One Track’ format and new event schedule was a smooth experience. We hope everyone is enjoying a chance to recharge as the school year winds down.

School teams began arriving and setting up camp on Tuesday and the last school departed on Monday morning – creating a seven day economic benefit for the township of Maryborough. This has previously been estimated at $3.3million.

The Wednesday to Friday program for Pushcarts, Robotics, Junkyard Challenge and Human Powered Vehicles (HPV) appears to suit primary schools well; and the Friday to Sunday program for secondary schools remains relatively unchanged. The schedule change which nows sees the chequered flag fall 60 minutes earlier at 12noon on Sunday enabled schools to hit the road earlier after the event, too.

After further feedback, review and reflection, we will make some announcements for 2024.

A huge ‘thank you’ on behalf of the two Partner organisations behind the Energy Breakthrough – Central Goldfields Shire Council and Country Education Partnership – to all of the students, teachers, parents, volunteers and supporters for helping to pull this year-long endeavour together. The action phase of all of that preparation is what happens in Maryborough.

Without our sponsors, we could not deliver the Energy Breakthrough program or the event.

Our 2023 sponsors and supporters are:

  • Department of Education and Training
  • Regional Roads Victoria
  • Department of Transport and Planning
  • Bendigo Community Bank of Avoca, Maryborough and St Arnaud
  • Sustainability Victoria
  • La Trobe University
  • Central Highlands Water
  • McCafe
  • Telstra
  • Toyota
  • Freeza

Energy Breakthrough 2023 – Primary School Trial Highlights:

Shot and produced by Ty Hall.

Energy Breakthrough 2023 – Secondary School 24 hour trial Highlights:

Shot and produced by Ty Hall.