Pushcarts Round-Up: From Avoca to Rangebank

Teams of primary school students from across Victoria have been busily fundraising, creating their pushcarts and preparing their fitness levels for the Energy Breakthrough. Here’s our end of Term 3 Round-up from a selection of the schools: Avoca PS, Great Western PS, Rangebank, Sebastapol PS, St Catherine's Lalor, St Pats Ballarat and St Joseph's Rochester. We invited each of them to share what they’ve been up to, what is unique about their pushcart and what they are aiming for.

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VIDEO : 2017 Saturday Morning Pushcart Action

All the action from the Saturday morning Pushcart sprint event. With all the speed of a Formula 1 Pit crew, the teams of eight sprint, turn and changeover in lighting speed in front of a huge crowd. You want energy? These Primary school students, their teachers and their families have got it in bucket loads!

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There’s still time to enter a Pushcart or Innovation in Technology

These students from Beaconsfield Upper Primary School had an awesome time in the 2016 Pushcarts category ... and YOU can still join them this November! Yes, we're taking entries for 'Pushcarts' and 'Innovations in Technology' teams until the end of Term 3. So, get your teammates together to enter today.

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