Teacher Christie Gavel leads a gaggle of excited students at Deniliquin North PS who are eagerly preparing for this year’s Pushcarts program.

They have been documenting their Pushcart journey online using the digital platform ‘SWAY’ and have included practice sessions, team selections, team names and engineering solutions to problems.

“SWAY has been something I have been wanting to use for a little while now, this seemed like the perfect opportunity,” Christine shared. “It’s a great way to keep a digital diary of progress.”

Their pushcart program sees the students using a range of skills and learning areas including Maths for Measurement, English for letter writing and persuasion (fundraising) and Science for investigations, amongst many others.

We encourage you to check out their blog and follow their progress in the lead-up to the big event in Maryborough in November.

Follow the Deniliquin North Primary School’s Pushcart journey > 

Get Involved with Pushcarts

For teachers and students at Primary School level looking to build some great connections and get involved in the Energy Breakthrough – but are not quite sure how or where to start – the pushcart category offers a low barrier to entry.

Currently there is still availability for schools to enter the Energy Breakthrough program for 2022 across most categories, so if you’re interested in applying or want to find out more information please visit our Enter A Team page.