Leading a team through the Energy Breakthrough can be richly rewarding and demanding – so it can be wonderful to have support from outside of your school to help give advice and extra input. Our Transurban Mentor Program, now open for expressions of interest, promises to offer schools that support. Team Managers should complete an Expression of Interest form at the bottom of this page today!

The Transurban Mentors will come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences – from engineering to public relations and everything in between!

Their handy hints and tips can be taken on by you and your teams as you prepare for the Display & Presentation, Design & Construction and on-track Trials components of the event.

This program is a great opportunity for schools to develop a mentorship with an industry leader and for students to hear what experts are saying about the future of personal transportation, efficient travel and the environment.


After the application process closes, submissions will be assessed and the successful school’s will be contacted to confirm your involvement in the program.

Team Managers will be invited to contact the Transurban Mentors to arrange meetings, discussions or phone conferences over Zoom, Email, Calls and Face-to-Face visits, however you please.

Applications will close 22nd May, 2020


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