Preview: Human Powered Vehicles – 2018 Contenders and Challengers

Human Powered Vehicles or HPVs: They are our most popular category with 93 Primary School teams and 96 Secondary School Human Powered Vehicle teams completing their final vehicle checks, doing their warm-ups and polishing their presentation skills to ensure. Let's see what all the fuss is about with our annual 'Contenders' review!

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Preview: Energy Efficient Vehicles – Can Girton go back-to-back?

Last year's event saw a true 'Energy Breakthrough,' when Girton Grammar School’s ‘Xception’ was the first team to take Line Honours in the 24 hour trial in a vehicle WITHOUT pedals. But, can they back that up? And what about the other class winners in Holy Trinity, Bendigo Senior and Overnewton? ... and the returning team Rode RAGE? Let's preview the field in this most difficult of challenges: the Energy Efficient Vehicles.

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Preview: TRYathlon: A record field for 2018!

A record field of 71 teams will line-up in the 2018 TRYathlon category. It's very similar to the Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) Secondary and Primary categories, bar for two high octane relay races! Here's what it's all about and what to look out for.

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Preview: Pushcarts – three days and five challenges!

With the 28th Energy Breakthrough fast approaching, it’s time to make sure those tyres are pumped and those steering axles greased. Over 500 students from 40 primary schools have been working hard all year to make sure their pushcarts are looking good and ready to race! The pushcarts is made up of a number of events over three days- giving participants the chance to show us what they’re made of.

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Preview: Innovations in Technology – a buzz of activity

The Energy Breakthrough is not just about HPVs. On Saturday morning near the Display and Presentation Marquees, there is the Central Highland Water sponsored Innovations in Technology – Crafty Design and Junkyard Challenge. It is a buzz of activity.

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