A record field of 71 teams will line-up in the 2018 TRYathlon category. It’s very similar to the Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) Secondary and Primary categories, bar for two high octane relay races! Here’s what it’s all about and what to look out for.

The Challenges

The Tryathlon brings together a large part of the Energy Breakthrough community: Primary & Secondary teams are all involved together in this part of the event over three days.


On Thursday all teams work through their Display & Presentation, Design & Construction and Scrutineering – the usual commitments of the Energy Breakthrough.


On Friday, in two hour time slots there is plenty of action, spills and noise as the teams compete in the next two sections of the TRY: the Obstacle and Time Trial on Track 1. Teams compete in Heats against three other teams.


Eight students per team compete in a relay around the ‘front’ section of Track #1. They work their way through a variety of Obstacles like witches hats and hay bales, ramps and see-saws, a ripple strip and two hairpins. All of these Obstacles are providing the riders with the opportunity to display their driving skills.

Time Trial

On another section of the Track #1, teams are roaring around a600-metre section as fast as possible, again changing in the Pits to swap over riders in their relay.

The three on-track trials are scored independently, with penalties deducted from a team’s scores after the Obstacle race – and the total score after the three races gives us the Winners of each division.

The Pits

In both the Obstacle and Time Trial, the riders swap over in one of four “Pit Bays.” Here one rider needs to get out quickly (unassisted) the next rider gets in and off they go (making sure they don’t crash or impede one of the other teams in the Pits).  As all eight riders of the team compete in these events, there is plenty of action and encouragement from team members.

Practice Session

On Friday evening, the teams take to the VicRoads track for a 2 hour practice session. Their fastest laps time will give them their starting position for the final effort on Saturday afternoon.


Endurance Trial

On Saturday from 2pm, the teams leave the grid for 8 hours until the flag falls at 10 pm: marking the end of an exciting three-day event for these teams.


The Presentations are held on the grassed area behind the stage on the VicRoads track and many teams gather for a last farewell until the following year – many friendships having grown over the years between the schools.


71 really is a HUGE field for this category that many regulars within the Energy Breakthrough might not know too much about!

Here’s a breakdown class-by-class:

  • Primary: 39 teams
  • All Female: 4 teams
  • B/C: 10
  • Open: 18

View the full list here >

School visits

We have visited a number of schools this year, including Ballarat Specialist School (read their story here), Maiden Gully PS, Laurimar PS and St Therese’s PS to explain the event, how it flows from challenge to challenge and what to expect. It will also be great to see how new school, Nelson Park PS, go as they ‘test the waters’ here in Maryborough for the first time.

Preparing for the Event with a Test Session

In early November, nine schools booked in for a test session held in south-east Melbourne. This day was all about trying out all of the various obstacles, improving vehicle handling and lifting rider confidence. (Read about that here).

Looking Back : 2017 Winners

Try-athlon Class A (Primary)

Design & Construction: 131 – COCKATOO PRIMARY SCHOOL
Display & Presentation: 121 – KINGSLEY PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL


Try-athlon Class – All Female

Design & Construction: 113 – EDEC HPV
Display & Presentation: 113 – EDEC HPV
Trial: 113 – EDEC HPV

Overall Runner-Up: 110 – TOORAK COLLEGE
Overall Winner: 113 – EDEC HPV

Try-athlon Class B/C

Design & Construction: 114 – EDEC HPV
Display & Presentation: 114 – EDEC HPV
Trial: 114 – EDEC HPV

Overall Runner-Up: 140 – SEYMOUR COLLEGE
Overall Winner: 114 – EDEC HPV

Try-athlon Class – Open

Design & Construction: 135 – ST PAUL’S AGS
Display & Presentation: 132 – LUCKNOW PRIMARY SCHOOL
Trial: 115 – EDEC HPV

Overall Runner-Up: 135 – ST PAUL’S AGS
Overall Winner: 115 – EDEC HPV