Whilst we admire and acknowledge EVERYONE who participates in the Energy Breakthrough, there are some teams who have displayed extraordinary levels of determination, innovation and imagination.

Through our series of eight ‘Special Awards’, we salute those who have gone ‘above and beyond’ and admire their passion and energy. These Awards are rarely won by the biggest, the fastest or those first across the line, but through them we seek to encourage and reinforce the aims of the Energy Breakthrough, to encourage hands-on learning and teamwork.

Energy Breakthrough Safety Award

Energy Breakthrough is committed to safety and It Is a priority in everything we do.

This Award recognises a team that has met all the safety requirements in their design and construction processes and therefore presented a vehicle that protects their riders or other participants.

M.R. Recumbents Encouragement Award

M.R. Recumbents (and before them Greenspeed) have been supporting a school each year that overcomes a great deal of adversity in the lead up to – and during the – Energy Breakthrough.

This Award recognises a school that has overcome significant challenges to participate in the Energy Breakthrough.

Tricia Walsh Encouragement Award

A passionate and active member of Maryborough community, Tricia Walsh was a driving force in leading the Innovations In Technology category and a volunteer across various roles for over 15 years before she sadly passed away in 2012.

Tricia had wonderful networks in Maryborough and across the region throughout education, adult and further education, arts and local businesses. She played a significant role in publicity and promotion of the event and took every opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding work of students, teachers and parents.

This is an Encouragement Award – as Tricia believed the event wasn’t about winning – she preferred to encourage participation.

Judy Parker Award for the Best First Year School

Judy Parker was part of the Country Education Partnership when the Energy Breakthrough was conceived way back in 1990. She was passionate about engaging new and rural schools into the project.

This Award recognises the best performing first year school across all primary and secondary categories.

Austin7 Club Innovation Award

The Austin7 Club are dedicated to encouraging the next generation and supporting innovative vehicle design.

This Award recognises a team which has created an outstanding innovation in the HPV or EEV categories.

Bruce Reiffel Award for the Best Small Primary School

Bruce Reiffel was a local teacher at Maryborough Education Centre who dedicated himself to encouraging and supporting small schools enter the program. He was a tireless worker, always helping young people to build better vehicles, prepare themselves for the event and was always willing to help the smaller schools. He understood education and he understood the ‘Breakthrough’. Bruce Reiffel sadly passed away in 2005.

This Award recognises the best performing HPV team from a primary school with an enrolment of less than 200 students.

Ian Rogerson Award for the Best Display & Presentation

Ian ‘Rogo’ Rogerson was a lifelong educator and the first Coordinator of the Display & Presentation section of the Event.

This Award recognises the schools with the highest Display & Presentation scores across all primary and secondary categories.

McCulloch’s Engineering Prize for School-Based-Built Vehicles

The McCulloch’s Engineering Prize aims to encourage and reward school-based design and construction. Use of commercially or professionally designed vehicles is not allowed in this Award which is open to students in Year 7 to Year 12 entered in the HPV and EEV categories.

This Award recognises a team who has built the majority of their vehicle at school and completed at least 500km during the 24 hour trial. Teams will be invited to self-nominate themselves for consideration for this Award during Design & Construction assessment.


Norm Rasmussen

Inducted 2014

Norm Rasmussen was part of the team who represented Maryborough in the initial bid process to bring the Energy Breakthrough to the township in 1991. Norm was a passionate and tireless worker in the local community. He loved the way the Energy Breakthrough brought local people and organisations together to create such a welcoming environment. He cared deeply about engaging and encouraging students and volunteers to get involved in the event, and continued to support the event well into his 90’s before he sadly passed away in 2017. Norm was immensely proud of the event and how the Maryborough community had helped shape it.

Bob Osborne OAM

Inducted 2017

Bob Osborne OMA was involved on the Local Planning Committee for the event since its inception in 1991. Bob, like many of the Energy Breakthrough volunteers, ensured that the level of service to participants has continually improved throughout the event’s history. He played a critical role in driving the support of the Council for the event and connecting community groups to the event.