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Save The Date: Test N Tune – 10 March 2023

December 15th, 2022|0 Comments

To support schools kick-off 2023 on the right foot, the Country Education Partnership is hosting a 'Test'N'Tune Day in Bendigo on Friday 10 March for all Energy Breakthrough HPV and EEVs teams. Come and enjoy some 'seat time', meet other teachers and students and enjoy a free BBQ!

That’s a wrap on the 2022 Energy Breakthrough!

November 20th, 2022|0 Comments

It was an electrifying finish between our two 19-hour trial winners, Bendigo Senior Secondary College’s (BSSC) Earth Mover and Peninsula Human Power’s Hare & Forbes  in the final minutes of the 2022 Energy Breakthrough. Despite representing different categories (EEV Single power source and HPV Open categories respectively), there wasn’t much between these two teams throughout the duration of the event. A particularly impressive feat for Hare & Forbes given the absence of an external power source!


Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 26th November 2023

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Since 1991, the Energy Breakthrough has provided opportunities for students, teachers, parents and local industry to work together to design and construct a vehicle, a machine or innovation in technology that will represent an ‘energy breakthrough’.

The program is unique in that all teams must compete across three areas of assessment:

  1. Design and Construction,
  2. Display and Presentation and
  3. Trials.

The Energy Breakthrough is a joint initiative of the Country Education Partnership (CEP) and the Central Goldfields Shire Council (CGSC).

The Energy Breakthrough isn’t just a once-a-year event. School groups work throughout the year to design, build and test machines within detailed specifications.

The program encourages participants to examine and use the latest technology while considering its impact on the environment and the way people live locally and globally.  It requires a team effort and an across-the-curriculum approach.

These groups then bring their vehicles and machines to Maryborough in Victoria for a huge celebration in which they can demonstrate and trial them in action.



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Find out which schools are participating



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See which school is participating where and when



Discover the best parts of the Maryborough region.


Discover the best parts of the Maryborough region.



HPV Secondary

Pos Team School No. Laps Fastest Last Lap Average Distance (KM)
1 HARE & FORBES (#30) - OPEN Peninsula Human Power 505 00:01:50 04:30:10 00:02:46 797.9
2 TRUMP TRIKES (#63) - OPEN Pembroke School 488 00:01:55 04:32:50 00:02:52 771.04
3 FEARLESS 2 (#74) - OPEN Emerald Secondary College 449 00:02:02 04:31:15 00:03:07 709.42


Pos Team School No. Laps Fastest Last Lap Average Distance (KM)
1 EARTH MOVER (#333) - Single Power Source Bendigo Senior Secondary College 510 00:01:39 04:31:30 00:02:44 805.8
2 XCEPTION (#1) - Single Power Source Girton Grammar School 467 00:01:47 04:33:33 00:03:00 737.86
3 RAT CARPET (#34) - Hybrid 1 OPEN Bendigo Senior Secondary College 465 00:01:50 04:31:27 00:03:01 734.7

Pos Team School No. Laps Fastest Last Lap Average Distance (KM)
1 LAURIMAR PHOENIX (#321) - A2 Laurimar Primary School 386 00:01:47 00:05:18 00:02:09 428.46
2 AVOCA UNITED (#17) - A1 Avoca Primary School 378 00:01:50 00:06:17 00:02:12 419.58
3 REDBACK JUNIOR (#16) - A2 Carisbrook Primary School 376 00:01:50 00:04:31 00:02:13 417.36

Pos Team School No. Laps Fastest Last Lap Average Distance (KM)
1 CAPTAIN CAVEMAN (#3) - B/C EDEC HPV Team 90 00:01:34 00:03:30 00:01:58 99
2 GOTTA CATCH'EM ALL (#22) - OPEN Beaconsfield Primary School 87 00:01:37 00:04:31 00:02:03 95.7
3 TEAM 1 (#28) - A Tootgarook Primary School 79 00:01:54 00:03:45 00:02:15 86.9



The Program aims to …
  • Provide an excellent technology project for students from Prep to VCE level

  • Encourage young people to explore solutions to environmental and transport issues
  • Provide an opportunity for schools and communities to work and learn together
  • Provide an opportunity for women and girls to participate in what has traditionally been a ‘male’ dominated area of the curriculum
  • Be a fun program with real world challenges
  • Offer students opportunities to explore and address vehicle design, driving skills and vehicle and passenger safety issues
The Three Program Elements …

Display & Presentation

A 20 minute presentation to judges for team members to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of their entry.

Design & Construction

An informal conversation assessing the student’s understanding of the vehicle and the concepts involved in its design and construction.


Thousands of students ranging in age from nine to 19 push, pedal and pilot carts, human powered vehicles and energy efficient vehicles in dynamic tests that can last just a few minutes or as long as 24 hours.

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My own children participated in the program over 20 years ago and they still say it is the best thing they did at primary school.
Chris McCallum, Principal, Nathalia Primary School
You cannot come away from the three days in Maryborough with anything but a glow about the value of this project for those students involved.
Participating Teacher
The experience for the children and the whole school community was extremely beneficial and enjoyed by all involved.
Participating Teacher
I have been spreading the word about how amazing the RACV Energy Breakthrough is for over 20 years now. I love that it gives students practical skills that will last them a lifetime. I have all the parts in my shed ready for the next generation of RACV EB participants when my daughters are old enough to reach the pedals. I could not be prouder to watch them line up on the start line.
Participating Teacher
It is a great project that provides a great “vehicle” for getting kids involved in their learning.
Participating Teacher
Each year we get to watch kids surprise us in what they achieve in terms of fitness, self-confidence and drive. We quite often see couch-potatoes develop into active and engaged kids waiting to improve and be involved. Without fail, the Energy Breakthrough changes kids for the better every year.
Roger Byron, White Hills PS - Team Manager
150% give it your time and energy. I’m yet to find something as a young adult that makes me strive for success, feel included and valuable and that’s so enjoyable than the EB. A program that is worth more to us than we will ever know. So much to learn and gain from the EB experience.
EB is definitely one of the best school sporting events in the state and is easily the most enjoyable program I was involved in during my time at school. I think it really brings out the best in students and the friendships you form with your team mates will last a lifetime.
[An] Amazing experience that has so many positive implications on schools, students and communities!

Would recommend everyone to strive to be a part of this experience in some way

An amazing experience for children that they should jump at the chance to participate if they have the chance.
The EB is the greatest event I have been personally been involved in, over a number of years. The heavy involvement gives you life long skills in teamwork but also individual responsibility and respect for others. The passion that is created around this event is truely amazing. [It’s] Well worth the blood, sweat and tears that go into this event!