EB now has a new Sustainability Award!
We’re encouraging our school teams to consider:
  • How can the design and construction of your vehicle or pushcart be more environmentally sustainable?
  • How can you reduce waste at your campsite at the event?
  • How can you reduce waste at your pit area at the event?

 The 2024 EB Sustainability Awards will be judged by Resource Smart Schools (RSS) from Sustainability Victoria and they’re here to help you prepare!

Schools who have registered with RSS before 28 June (this Friday) will be eligible for the award. The RSS program is open to all Victorian schools, regardless of whether they are in the Government, Independent, Catholic or Specialist sectors. The winning team will receive a sustainability prize pack for their school, including $500 towards an entry fee for Energy Breakthrough 2025 and a feature story on the EB website. Plus the joy and honour of leading the way to a sustainable future … so quickly get registered and go green this EB!