Terang P12 College – A D.I.Y culture with a difference

We were standing in pit lane at last year’s Energy Breakthrough event and we noticed something unique. It was Terang College’s vehicle they had built themselves. The project was designed and led by then Year 11 student Harrison Smith for his Year 12 Product Design and Technology project. With the support of his teammates, they brought this new creation to life and learnt plenty along the way, too. We caught up with the team at Terang College to get the inside story.

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$500,000 Princes Park Enhancement Project ushers in a new era for the Energy Breakthrough 

The RACV Energy Breakthrough welcomes the today’s announcement by the Victorian Minister for Education, the Hon. James Merlino MP, of the Princes Park Enhancement Project in Maryborough.

[Video] Celebrating National Youth week with the Maryborough Education Centre

To help celebrate National Youth Week [an annual, week-long celebration of young people (aged 12-25) throughout Australia] we thought we'd chat to a local [Maryborough] school to find out what being involved in the RACV Energy Breakthrough means to them.

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2014 Contenders and Challengers

Let's take a look at some of the likely - and maybe not so likely - contenders lining up for this weekend's 24th edition of the RACV Energy Breakthrough. "When I arrived at the Energy Breakthrough back in 2000, the talk was all about Wonthaggi vs Kurnai for the win. But come Sunday, it was Bendigo Senior and De La Salle racing down to the wire... and it was only decided in the last 20 minutes. They both came outta no where. Will your team be the one that 'breaks through' (sorry, bad pun) from the pack?"

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St Margaret’s School HPV – ten years in the making: Interview with Terry Trevena

Human Powered Vehicles at St Margaret's School turns 10 this year. It might seem like they've been part of the field forever. Over that ten years they've won 65 categories, fostered 180 riders and built a groundswell of support from parents and ex-students who have kept the show on the road. Sure, many other schools have been involved for longer (Bairnsdale Primary School and Maryborough Education Centre have actually been to ALL 24 Energy Breakthroughs), but at this important milestone we felt it was worth looking a little closer at the man who has been at the helm, Terry Trevena.

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Reef Rode RAGE Record Breaking Return!

Last month the determined Reef Rode RAFE (Ride Against Greenhouse Emissions) team arrived home from their successful 4,000km journey from Ballarat to Port Douglas. Along the way they raised funds and awareness of the need to protect Australia's Great Barrier Reef and broke the lap record at the RACQ Technology Challenge in Maryborough, Queensland.

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Eight Human Powered Vehicles play Ice Hockey (Video)

Sometimes the human powered vehicles schools build for the RACV Energy Breakthrough are sleek and light - but fragile. That’s okay, after all they are built for the challenge we set: to complete the most laps in 24 hours. But what if there was a human powered vehicle that could present a viable personal transport option?

To explore this notion, the Trisled team took eight of their Rotovelo Velomobiles to the Medibank Icehouse for a one-of-a-kind Ice Hockey Match.

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Energy Breakthrough’s Weigh Station: Did we beat last years record?

The 2013 RACV Energy breakthrough saw the team consisting of Gerard Delarue and Emily Westmoreland take the challenge to yet again weigh every HPV to compete in the breakthrough. The idea was put to the table in 2013 in the hope that by weighing the vehicles, teams will obtain an appreciation and understanding of the importance of weight saving in endurance racing.

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