Sometimes the human powered vehicles schools build for the RACV Energy Breakthrough are sleek and light – but fragile. That’s okay, after all they are built for the challenge we set: to complete the most laps in 24 hours. But what if there was a human powered vehicle that could present a viable personal transport option? Wouldn’t it have to be durable, strong and fun?

To explore this notion, the Trisled team took eight of their Rotovelo Velomobiles to the Medibank Icehouse for a one-of-a-kind Ice Hockey Match.

The video clip was produced and edited by Lochlan Gay, a Year 11 student from Mt Eliza Secondary College who has experienced the thrill of the RACV Energy Breakthrough himself first hand. Working with six cameramen across 26 cameras, Lochie was then charged with poring over 20 hours of footage to produce the final five minute cut.

During the filming, Trisled Founder Ben Goodall, shared his vision with us:

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]“We wanted to make this clip to demonstrate how durable and fun our Rotovelo Velomobile is. What could possibly go wrong?”[/quote]

 Watch and enjoy:

Video not working above? View on YouTube:

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The Trisled team wish to thank….

Director: Ben Goodall
Production Manager: Phoebe Reid
Director of Photography: Tony Gay
Producer & editor: Lochie Gay

Extra very special thanks to:
The team at Icehouse Melbourne

Tim Marquardt, Alister Lowe, Andrew Gotts, Gerard Delarue, Moz Mozmoz, Nathan Boon, Nigel Preston, Luke Postlethwaite, Bryce Marquardt, Gareth Hanks, Jono Keane, Jeff Nielson, Lee Imrie, Tim Leed, Rachel Swain, Matt Benn, Ken Houghton, Paul Riggs, Edwin Boelen, Jay Masterman-Smith, Taylor Rubinstein, Mark Gilligan, Scott Hawke, Matt Storey, Katie Harris
… and anyone else they’ve very inconsiderately forgotten!