These students from Beaconsfield Upper Primary School had an awesome time in the 2016 Pushcarts category … and YOU can still join them this November at the 2017 RACV Energy Breakthrough.

Yes, we’re taking entries for ‘Pushcarts’ and ‘Innovations in Technology’ teams until the end of Term 3.

So, get your teammates together to enter today >>

About the Pushcarts

The Pushcart is a vibrant category at the Energy Breakthrough and is open exclusively to primary aged students.

If you’d like to know everything you need to know, there’s a Handbook available for download here.


Family and friends attend in high numbers and participation stretches over three days and the following assessments:

Display & Presentation
Teams complete a 15 minute Presentation to judges about their journey to the event.

Design & Construction and Scrutineering
Students assemble their pushcart from ‘flat-pack to race-ready’ in under 20 minutes.

Obstacle Course
A short, sharp relay with witches hats and tight turns near the rotunda.

Team members take turns to push and pilot around a 2 km circuit.

Quick changeover and fast acceleration are key in this sprint event relay!

Your investment:

Entry fees for Pushcarts are $300.00 per team.

Enter today >>


About the Central Highlands Water Innovations In Technology Category

Central Highlands Water is the title sponsor of the Innovations In Technology category, which draws a sharp focus onto invertebrate creatures existing in our waterways and also encourages students to consider and create sustainable water crafts.

The theme for Innovations in Technology is “Working With Water” and it consists of two categories:

Two Challenges:

Challenge 1: Crafty Design (ENTRIES STILL AVAILABLE)

Open to Primary and Secondary Students.

Teams must create a craft that will run under its own power, along a 10-metre channel of water, carrying a full soft drink can.

Challenge 2: Junkyard Challenge (SOLD OUT)

Open to Primary & Secondary Students.

The Junkyard Challenge where teams of four will be provided with a range of materials and be required to create a structure that will span 1.5 metres. This creation will be required to support a 3 litre container of water by the end of a three hour time limit.

Crafty Design – So, what’s required?

Before the event, your students will need to develop and create a craft that will run under its own power, along a 9.8 metre channel of water, carrying a full soft drink can.

Teams in the Innovations in Technology category must have:

  • a minimum of four (4) and maximum of six (6) in Crafty Design.
  • a team of four (4) for Junkyard Challenge.
  • at least half of whom must be female.

If you’d like to know everything you need to know, there’s a Handbook available for download here.

It’s a great way to bring water wise education to life for your students.

On the Day – Saturday 25 November

Teams all assemble at the RACV Energy Breakthrough event in Maryborough.


Your students will also complete a 15 minute oral presentation to a panel of judges about how their entry was prepared.

Performance Test:
In the afternoon, there’s a sail-off in the Central Highlands Water channels in front of a great crowd.
Presentations for placegetters conclude the day.

Your investment: 

Entry fees for Crafty Design are $30.00 per team.

Enter today >>