The Bendigo EEV & HPV Grand Prix will return on 10 September 2022 and registrations are open NOW! 

The Energy Breakthrough team have been speaking with participating schools from across Victoria and one thing is clear: most current school students haven’t participated in the event before. Talk about a ‘green’ grand prix – although we are not only talking about the environmental kind, but the one that reflects lack of experience.

Enter a test and training event in central Victoria in the form of the Bendigo EEV & HPV Grand Prix. We thank the organising team of the Bendigo EEV and HPV Grand Prix for hosting this event at the Bendigo Livestock Exchange and we encourage all EEV and HPV teams to consider participating in the day to help train up new students and give their programs a new burst of momentum.

In short: Have a go in Bendigo!

Event Facts:

Where: Bendigo Livestock Exchange, Wallenjoe Rd, Huntly, Vic, 3551 (Google Maps)
When: Saturday 10th September 2022
Duration: 6 hours (10am – 4pm)
Scrutineering: to take place prior.
Cost: $250 per team
Inclusions: Electronic timing, first aid / medical support, safe track set-up, venue hire and related event costs.

Event Director, Lynden Francis-Wright, shared her thoughts on this event:

“With the lack of racing opportunities over the past two years, the focus of the Grand Prix in 2022 will be to provide school teams with much needed track experience, training, team bonding and data collection opportunities as they prepare for the Energy Breakthrough event in November.”​

“The event this year has been significantly scaled down to best focus on the most immediate needs of teams, many of which are in a rebuild phase and training new riders and support crew,” Lynden said.

With the involvement of Electric and Energy Efficient Vehicles, the organisers are also looking to provide another opportunity for EEVs to participate and to reinforce the values of fuel consumption with the aim for these teams is to travel the furthest distance they can on the fuel allocated.