The first few days of the Energy Breakthrough have been a whirlwind of excitement, with our primary school teams completing their display and presentations, design and construction, and our pushcart teams racing to victory.

As the Primary HPV event gets underway, let’s take a look back at the first few days of action!

Deniliquin Primary School has stolen the show in the A1 pushcarts category, driving home with a win in their 3rd Energy Breakthrough ever. Taking out Display and Presentation and their track events, the team was narrowly beaten by Katamatite Primary School’s ‘Katty Kometz’ in the Design and Construction event. But this wasn’t enough to set back the little school on the hill, taking out the overall category win. This victory marked a significant achievement for the school, reflecting their steady growth in the Energy Breakthrough program over the past three years.
Over in the A2 category, Overport had something to say. Taking the competition by storm, they managed to put their name on every single event category! Between their two teams, Overport Thunder, and The Steelers, they took out line honours, display and presentation AND design and construction. With the combined impressive efforts of their two teams, they thundered home with a runners up (The Steelers) and overall winner (Overport Thunder)! Congratulations Overport Primary School

In a change of gears, the Junkyard challenge proved once again to be a crowd pleaser, with students tasked with building bridges capable of holding either 4 liters of water or 4 kilograms, using nothing but scrap materials! There was noise, there was mess, but students proved that with just some creativity and epic problem solving skills, scraps can be turned into something useful.

St Arnaud Primay School swept the competition under the bridge in the Junkyard challenge, taking home not just runners up, but overall winner as well! The challenge not only provided a platform for friendly competition but also underscored the importance of innovation and resourcefulness when it comes to thinking about our waste.

Meanwhile, over at Track 1, the primary HPV teams made an impressive start on the first day of their two part trial over on the Regional Roads sponsored Track 1. Showcasing some impressive feats of speed and teamwork around track.

Congratulations to all of our pushcart and junkyard challenge teams – we hope your back at school telling everyone about your incredible achievements!

As we head into the final hours of the Primary HPV event, don’t forget to capture the last electrifying laps on camera! Grab your smartphones and take videos of your favorite teams zooming around the track. Simply tag us @Energybreakthrough and @countryeducationproject to be in the draw to win a $100 Google play or iTunes voucher!