To continue our series of 2014 Progress Reports, Team Manager Scott Zachariassen and the students at Jells Park Primary School check in with us on what has been a busy Term 3 leading into a VERY busy Term 4.

Jells Park Primary School - HPV Training Session

Pictured: Jells Park Primary School – HPV Training Session


[list type=”check”]
  • Purchased trike
  • Fitness training
  • Vehicle handling
  • Continue Training
  • Solid Sponsorship
  • Begin Presentation Preparation
  • Order Uniforms

1/ What have you done this term to prepare for the Energy Breakthrough?

Term 3 was an extremely busy term for JPPS Racing. All 4 teams continued their weekly training with our personal fitness trainer. Our two Pushcart teams have worked hard in the vehicles, practicing their three race events. Our two HPV teams have used some lunch times to train on the exercise bikes. We have also begun training out at Casey Fields.All students have begun working on their presentations and learning the vital aspects of their vehicles. This will continue over the holidays and into Term 4. Our team uniforms have been designed and ordered from Embroid Me Dandenong, and will arrive shortly.


Jells Park Primary School - Boxing Training Session

Jells Park Primary School – Boxing Training Session

2/ What’s gone well?

Our fitness training and vehicle handling has gone very well. The students have shown an increased fitness due to the testing we have done and this has shown with decreased times during training.

Our team’s sponsorship has picked up dramatically thanks to the students writing letters to surrounding companies. We have picked up a major sponsor and a few minor sponsors.

With this, we hope to upgrade some of our teams equipment and camping equipment.



3/ What’s not gone so well?

Something which is proving extremely difficult is finalising the four teams. We selected 10 students per HPV team to compete in both the Bendigo Grand Prix and Round 3 Casey Fields event (on October 11) and we will decide the final eight after that. This is proving very difficult, as we have many dedicated students who deserve to race in Maryborough. There will be a couple of disappointed students, but they will compete in our pushcart teams.

Still to come

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  • Finalising our four teams
  • Presentation Practice
  • Design and Construction knowledge improvement
  • Continue Training
  • Lunchtime Training


4/ What are your plans for next term and the lead-up to the event?

Presentation Practice and Design and Construction Practice.
The students will be working hard on these areas to gain knowledge and points.The pushcart students will also be holding a number of Pushcart Days at our school. Students from years 3-6 can purchase laps in a Pushcart. This has been a good fundraiser for our teams.The pushcart teams work on their fitness, pushing the other students, we raise money for the Maryborough event, and younger students gain an idea on what the program is about.