To round out our series of 2014 Progress Reports, Team Manager Scott Zachariassen and the students at Jells Park Primary School share their final 2014 Progress Reports and a review of the 2014 RACV Energy Breakthrough.


How did the Energy Breakthrough event go for you and your students?

This has been the most successful year for Jells Park Primary School. Both HPV teams finished inside the top 20 (Insane Boltz 5th and Shazzam 17th) .

Both Pushcarts finished with the highest scores we have ever received.

In our eight years of competing in the RACV Energy Breakthrough, our two pushcart teams scored their quickest times in all three track events and also received our highest scores in the Display & Presentation and Design & Construction elements.

Everything ran very smoothly both with our school and with the entire event.

Students and parents are still on a high after the weekend and say it’s the best extracurricular activity that the students have been involved in.

Jells Park PS

What went well?

Our HPV trial – Both teams finished inside the top 20. This year was the best finish for both teams in the trial and overall position.

Our two pushcart teams also received the highest score we have ever received in 8 years of racing.


What didn’t go so well?

The state of our two HPV’s (by the end of the trial) – they will both need their roll cages remade.
Presentations were a little too long and we think we could have put more time and effort into them.

What do you think the students got out of the program in 2014? (Outcomes for students)

It’s an amazing experience where students work together as a team. Teamwork and friendship is something the children will take away from this program. I still have students from previous years come back to school and say it was one of the best weekends they have experienced.

They also learn a lot about responsible use of energy and how the overuse of non-renewable energy can be harmful to our environment.


Any advice for other schools looking to enter in 2015? (Tips)

Take the time to work on the Display & Presentations and Design and Construction aspects of the event. They can make all the difference in overall positions.