Cobden duo in action at the 2014 Bendigo HPV/EEV Grand Prix

Cobden duo in action at the 2014 Bendigo HPV/EEV Grand Prix.

This year Cobden Technical School are sharing their journey in preparation for the 2014 RACV Energy Breakthrough. Through these progress reports at the end of each term, you’ll be able to find out what the students and teachers have been up to, what’s gone well, what’s not gone so well and what they’re looking forward to in the term ahead.
We’ve put this together to showcase some of the schools involved, and to promote how they successfully operate and manage their Energy Breakthrough teams.

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Cobden Technical School

What have you done this term to prepare for the Energy Breakthrough?
This term has been very busy. We had a successful fundraising day, which included a BBQ and raffle, which was sponsored by Safeway in Camperdown.

We took three of our Cobden Tech cars to Bendigo and participated in the inaugural Bendigo HPV/EEV Grand Prix, which was a great experience for all.
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All of the cars were totally stripped down and frames checked and repaired. The frames were then repainted and all parts were assembled with new engines in all three cars.


The Cobden Tech School undergo a rider change during the 2014 Bendigo EEV/HPV Grand Prix. Riders (aka Drivers) are required to wear full face helmets and ankle to wrist overalls for safety.

What’s gone well?

Getting the cars race ready for the Bendigo HPV/EEV Grand Prix was great for our progress as we look towards Maryborough. It gave the new teams the chance to test their cars and themselves in a race-type environment. Students are now a lot more aware of the commitment and preparation required for a successful result at the Energy Breakthrough. They are more motivated than ever and have realised the importance of teamwork.

The other area that has gone well this term has been the positive effect on the student’s problem solving skills in class. Students have been bouncing numerous ideas off each other and working together to provide solutions and innovations to every obstacle encountered in the development of the car.


One of Cobden Tech School’s vehicles in action during the 2014 Bendigo EEV/HPV Grand Prix

What’s not gone so well?

Despite the success of the fundraising day and some regular sponsors indicating their renewed support of our Energy Car Program, we really do need to work hard in this upcoming term to secure further sponsorship. Three Hybrid 2 Vehicles (ie/ no pedals) do require a fair amount of funding and to ensure a happy and successful time in Maryborough we do need to find more money. Overall, things have been going well.

Cobden Tech School - EEV - Chris Brooks

Chris Brooks, in action adding some tweaks to one of Cobden Tech School’s Energy Efficient Vehicles.

What are your plans for next term?

Now for the biggest term for the year, which is jam-packed with lots of things needing to be done before the big weekend. Vehicle bodies are scheduled to be painted and decals added.

A final test day is being organized to be held at the local Go-Kart track. Then there’s display and presentations to be finalised. Furthermore, the decision to use unleaded fuel or E85 fuel remains to be decided. We’ll have to double check and fix one hundred little things on all cars so that they pass the scrutineering process too.

Finally, there’s the camp organisation, including catering for 40-50 people over the four days.

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