Maryborough Education Centre's trio of 2014 Human Powered Vehicles

This year Maryborough Education Centre are sharing their journey in preparation for the 2014 RACV Energy Breakthrough. Through these progress reports at the end of each term, you’ll be able to find out what the students and teachers have been up to, what’s gone well, what’s not gone so well and what they’re looking forward to in the term ahead.

We’ve put this together to showcase some of the schools involved, and to promote how they successfully operate and manage their Energy Breakthrough teams.

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Maryborough Education Centre

How did the Energy Breakthrough event go for you and your students?

The Energy Breakthrough was very successful in all aspects for our school. All teams trained hard and prepared well and were rewarded with numerous placing’s and two overall winners in their sections.  The students contributed in all the preparations required to get all the teams prepared, from loading and packing the gear in the trailer, setting up their little house and ensuring we were ready to race. Due to the organisation from the officials and event volunteers the Energy Breakthrough was hassle free for our school making it very easy for our team managers to organise their teams.

What went well?

  1. The success of the three HPV teams all finishing in the top 15 placing’s in the trial.
  2. Great trikes that stayed on the track avoiding major mechanical issues apart from flat tyres.
  3. Seeing the students all enjoying themselves, helping and working as a team.
  4. Farewelling the great and long-serving Team Manager, Doug Marr
    (EDITOR NOTE: See Doug interviewed in our fourth ‘Daily Wrap’ video here. Skip to the 1 minute mark.)

Doug Marr - Play

What didn’t go so well?

  1. Flat tyres

What do you think the students got out of the program in 2014?

The benefits were clearly displayed over the whole weekend. The students demonstrated in their feedback to judges and officials an understanding of the concept of the energy breakthrough through their answers about environmental issues that are and will, affect us in the future. Clearly the students bonded together and worked through the many aspects to prepare all presentations, displays and their team trikes. The realisation and importance of teamwork was a huge outcome for the students and this was rewarded with the success that they achieved.

Any advice for other schools looking to enter in 2015?

  • Ask questions and seek out experience from other schools.
  • Get a strong and positive commitment from your students, without their buying of your program things will become difficult.
  • Get good positive support from parents and school leaders/principals.
  • Make it an enjoyable experience for all, have some fun along the way and see if you can find the extra day in the week you always seem to need. And then teach your normal classes as well


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