With 9 days to go until the beginning of our 25th Anniversary, the team at the RACV Energy Breakthrough are hard at work to ensure the best possible event ever!

Due to our highest ever entries for our 25th anniversary, we are (of course) expecting extra people, extra buses and extra cars – which fits in nicely with extra car parks! Car parking is limited around the site so we highly recommend car pooling. This is to assist the environment, reduce traffic on the roads and also reduce the hassle of parking.

On arrival at the Energy Breakthrough site, your campsite should be the first thing on your to-do list. Team managers should first locate the camping coordinator to confirm your site location and proceed with setting up camp and settling into your new temporary home.
Camping coordinators are generally located around the entrance of each camp site.

Around the campsite

As of 2014, the RACV Energy Breakthrough have an on-site Risk Management Team, who will be checking all safety requirements are met. This is for the safety of yourself, your team and others camping around you.

Things to remember around the campsite:

  • Electrical Leads and Devices
    • Are they tested and tagged? – This is available on-site if required
    • Longer leads are preferred over excessive ‘daisy chaining’ of smaller leads.
    • The use of power boards and double adapters should be kept to a minimum.
  • No animals on campsites
  • No parking is allowed on the ovals
  • Provided electricity is for LIGHTING ONLY
  • Gas Bottles
    • Gas bottles must be tested for leaks prior to arrival.
    • All the rules and regulations about Gas Bottles at your campsite are located in the Information Kit. This can be found on the Downloads Page >
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Without tents there would be no tent city. But there are a couple of things to remember when setting up tents.

  • Tent pegs must not exceed 30cm in length.
  • Large marquee’s must be held down with weights over tent pegs


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Energy Safe Victoria

This year Energy Safe Victoria will be conducting a Public Event Gas Safety Audit throughout the weekend. This includes all Caterers and school teams with gas bottles on-site.

It is the responsibility of the school to ensure gas bottles and gas appliances are up to standard with hoses, connections and leaks all tested prior to arrival on site.

Further information and checklists can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Are you bringing a cool room?

Great idea! Except you must have obtained prior approval before bringing the cool room on site. Coolrooms that do not have prior approval will not be permitted on the site.

Do you have wheeled trailers, caravans etc.

Hmm. Unfortunately there are no wheeled sleeping vehicles allowed to be parked on site. This includes campers, caravans, pop up trailers or any other modified wheeled sleeping vehicle.

All wheeled cooking trailers must have obtained prior approval.

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Socks, Jock & Undies

We know we’ve been sweating the big stuff, but we also need to sweat the small stuff too.

Included in this downloadable, is a list of everything you might need as a rider, (yes, including socks and jocks) teacher or volunteer.

That’s about it! – All information and more is available in the Information Kits located on the Downloads Page.
If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact us.

Some helpful downloads: