The 2022 School Handbooks have now been released to help students, teachers and their school communities participate in this year’s Energy Breakthrough program.

There is one Handbook for each category, covering Junkyard Challenge (Innovations In Technology), Pushcarts, TRYathlon, Human Powered Vehicles and Energy Efficient Vehicles.

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These Handbooks cover:

  • Entry Classes
  • Design & Construction assessment
  • Display & Presentation assessment
  • Trials
  • Programs of Activity
  • Specifications & Rules

Major changes to Pushcarts, Marshalling and Display & Presentation

Any major changes have been highlighted and underlined in blue throughout these Handbooks.

Here’s a snapshot of the major changes from previous editions of the Energy Breakthrough:


  • Our Pushcarts will be changing to a two-day WEDNESDAY 16 November and THURSDAY 17 November program, running from approximately 9am – 5pm each day.
  • ALL Pushcart teams will be required to submit a 3 – 4 minute ‘Display & Presentation Video’ prior to the event for assessment. This replaces the in-person Display & Presentation component at the event.
  • All Pushcart on-track activity will now be held around Track 2 (Regional Roads Track).

HPV, EEV and TRYathlon:


  • In 2022, during the Practice and Trial events, ALL schools will be required to provide volunteer corner marshals across the HPV, EEV and TRYathlon events.

Display & Presentation Videos:

  • Schools will still be encouraged to participate in the face-to-face Display & Participation component at Maryborough.
  • However, we will be offering a NEW optional ‘Display & Presentation Video’ component for Secondary HPV team only, where videos can be submitted prior to the event for judging. Teams submitting videos will not need to complete an in-person presentation at the event.
  • The intent of this process is to encourage schools to capture their Energy Breakthrough journey throughout the year, not be a media or short film contest!
  • Please note that this ‘Display & Presentation Video’ option will be available to Secondary HPVs ONLY in 2022. It will be reviewed for effectiveness by the Country Education Partnership team for the 2023 program.

What other formal information will be released prior to the event?

Prior to the event in November, new event site maps, camping information, pit allocations, marshal allocations and specific assessment schedules for each team’s participation will be released.

Schedules: As part of those specific schedules, each team is allocated a time slot for when they need to present to judging panels for the Display & Presentation, Design & Construction and Scrutineering assessments.

Marshal Rosters: For Human Powered Vehicle, Energy Efficient Vehicle teams, TRYathlon, there will also be times allocated for when each team will need to provide volunteer marshals during the event. Please note this is a change from previous years.

Specific Times: For Pushcarts and TRYathlon teams, there will also be specific times allocated for the Obstacle Course, Time Trial and Endurance trial elements.

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