The Energy Breakthrough team have finalised the schedules for Display & Presentation, Design & Construction and Scrutineering for over 100 schools that will be travelling to Maryborough to participate in the Energy Breakthrough (EB).

Schedules for Display & Presentation, Design & Construction and Scrutineering

View your school’s schedule now at:

Flag Marshal Training:

This year we have set a goal of improving the training of flag marshals at the Energy Breakthrough. All HPV Primary, HPV Secondary, EEV and TRYathlon teams will be required to provide at least two marshals per team. Each team’s marshal times are rostered and displayed online. There are ‘standby’ rostered marshal slots where teams are requested to be available to marshal should a vacancy arise.

What is involved?

Marshal Training Online is a three part process including:

  • a series of instructional videos (Watch on YouTube):
  • written Corner Marshal documentation (PDF)
  • an online test (consisting of multiple-choice questions)

Complete the Online Marshal Training now at:

Flag Marshal Rosters

View your school’s Master Roster now at:

Quick links

Overall event schedule

Our Event Schedule looks quite different this year to reflect most activities now taking place on Track 1.

Please check this out here:

Event Site Map

Our Event Site Map has had a complete overhaul.

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