Welcome to Term 4! It’s ‘Energy Breakthrough Term’ … and that means very likely going to be very busy for you and us as we approach the event on 16 – 20 November. We – no doubt like you – are feeling both excited and daunted about the task ahead of us!

Here are some updates for our Team Managers as we start to get into the ‘nitty-gritty’ of preparing for this year’s event!

 New Online Energy Management System

We are currently finalising your NEW Online Entry Management System.

  • This system will be ready for Team Manager use from 1:00pm on MONDAY 10th OCTOBER.
  • This new system will have an account for each team manager associated with an EMAIL address, NOT a username.
  • Team Managers will receive an email alert when your account is ready to be activated.
  • All of the existing school and team data will be available ready to go.
  • It will be much more user-friendly for Team Managers and for our management team into the future.

Submissions – Pits, Arrivals / Departures & Camping

From next MONDAY 10th OCTOBER, through this new system Team Managers will be able to:

  • Submit Pit Requests
  • Submit Arrival and Departure Date and Times
  • Submit Camping Information

Deadline: These ‘request’ forms will be available until midnight on Thursday 20th October.

Update on use of Pit Lanes

Due to the field sizes at this year’s event, we will be utilising the following Pit Lanes:

  • HPV Primary: Both Pit A (Front straight) and Pit B (Back straight)
  • HPV Secondary and EEVs: Pit A (Front straight) and Pit B (Back straight) ONLY. We will NOT be utilising the PIT C (traditionally referred to as the EEV Pits). The EEV Charging container will be relocated to a space between Pit A and Pit B so that teams still have ready access to this container. EEV teams will be placed alongside other HPV teams.
  • TRYathlon: Pit A (Front straight) ONLY. We will NOT be utilising Pit B (Back straight).

Video Display & Presentation submissions

All Pushcart teams and those HPV Secondary teams who have ‘opted in’ for this initiative will be able to upload their Video Display & Presentations.

Deadline: The deadline for these video submissions is midnight on Friday 28th October. This will be able to be done through the new Online Entry Management System.

Other Deadlines:

  • Team Name Changes are due by Midnight Friday 28th October through the Online Entry Management System.
  • Rider / Team Member details are due by midnight Wednesday 9th November (one week out) through the Online Entry Management System.

Planning ahead to 2023?

In case you missed it. Our 2023 event dates and entry fees were published on our website last month. See: