Teachers and students eager to participate in the 2023 Energy Breakthrough can begin to plan with confidence with the announcement of dates and entry fees today. Taking into consideration the schools budget cycles and forward planning, the aim is to equip schools with information they need as soon as practical.

2023 Dates

The 2023 Energy Breakthrough is scheduled to be held between Wednesday 22nd of November and Sunday 26th of November 2023.

2023 Entry Fees

The entry fees for teams to participate in the 2023 Energy Breakthrough program will be as follows:


Fee Per Team

Junkyard Challenge $50.00 per team
Robotics* $50.00 per team
Pushcarts $400.00 per team
Human Powered Vehicles** $700.00 per team
Energy Efficient Vehicles $700.00 per team


Notes on entry fees:

All prices include GST.

Entries will open in mid-March in 2023.

* Robotics is being featured as a demonstration event at the upcoming 2022 event with four schools participating with four teams. If considered successful, Robotics is planned to be offered to all schools in 2023.

** Human Powered Vehicle teams includes those participating in the Primary, Secondary and TRYathlon categories.

What’s included in the entry fees?

Each entry fee include access to education support throughout the year, alongside the on-site facilities, on-site camping, track activities, assessments, and entertainment in Maryborough.

These fees also support the planning, administration, and safe operation of the Energy Breakthrough program.

2024 Scheduled Dates & Entry Fees

For future reference, the 2024 edition of the Energy Breakthrough is scheduled to be held on Wednesday 20th of November and Sunday 24th of November 2024. This 2024 date will be subject to confirmation of VCE Examination Period by the Victoria Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

At the time of writing, the Energy Breakthrough Management Committee is aiming to maintain the same 2023 entry fees for 2024. However, these entry fees will be announced in due course.