This year teams will be provided with Vehicle ID numbers that have a white backing sticker for all HPV, Tryathlon, Pushcarts and EEV Vehicles. This means that you will not have to provide a white area on your vehicle for the numbers as has been the case in the past. The white background will be 250mm x 300m which is the same size as the white area has been in the past.

Teams must allow for three areas on their bodywork that can accommodate this sticker. One sticker is to be stuck to the front of the vehicle and one on each side of the vehicle. The side stickers should be as far back as possible as per the diagram on page 51 of the School’s Handbook.

The intention of this is to make the numbers more consistent and easier for track marshalls to read as the vehicle travels past and away from the marshall.

Please read the full documentation and specifications below. This can also be found in the 2013 Schools Handbook.

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HPV, Tryathlon, and EEV Vehicles

As per regulation 8.2 in the 2013 vehicle specifications, each team will be provided with three adhesive identification panels with their competition number on it. These identification panels must be attached to each side of the tail of the vehicle and as close to the rear as possible. The third panel is to be affixed to the nose of the vehicle.

Number panels will be issued to Team Managers during Registration at the Administration Centre in Maryborough.

Teams are required to leave an area on the vehicle of 250mm x 300mm for the attachment of the adhesive identification panels.

An “RACV Tested” sticker will be issued after the vehicle has ‘passed’ scrutineering.  This is to be displayed above the number on the adhesive identification panel at the front of the vehicle.



Each vehicle is required to have two white identification panels measuring 100mm x 100mm for displaying the team’s number. These panels must be fitted to the side and the front of the pushcart.  They must be pliable and not constitute a danger to pusher or driver. Numbers will be issued to Team Managers at the Administration Centre in Maryborough.

An “RACV Tested” sticker will be issued after the vehicle has ‘passed’ scrutineering. This sticker is to be displayed above the number on the adhesive identification panel at the front of the vehicle.