EBT 2015 Cover - General

Welcome to the November! We congratulate all students, team managers and parents on reaching this point – the 25th Energy Breakthrough is not far away now. Our 2015 Information Kits are now available to equip you with everything you need to know.

Download the Information Kits Now >

These kits cover:

  • Check-in
  • Team Identification
  • Schedules
  • Camping
  • Toilets & Showers
  • Power
  • Car & Bus Parking
  • Sustainability
  • Pit Areas
  • Prizes and Trophies
  • St John Ambulance & First Aid
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Maps, Checklist & Contact Details

Visit our Downloads page now >

The successful running of the event depends on participants reading all of the information and passing the relevant details on to all of your team members and friends.

In addition, we encourage you to please pass this information on to the other team members at your school, parents and support staff.

Queries or questions?

If you have any further queries or questions, please feel free to contact our team via our Contact Us page or the contacts listed in the Information Kit.

SEE YOU SOON at Maryborough and the 25th RACV Energy Breakthrough!