Every school participating in the Breakthrough will receive a Rebel Sport equipment prize pack!

Rebel Sport has joined the RACV Energy Breakthrough as a sponsor through their association with the RACV’s “Show your Card and Save” program.

As a result EVERY school who has entered the Energy Breakthrough event is entitled to pick up a highly valued sports equipment prize from Rebel.


At Registration, each school will receive a Rebel certificate.

This certificate must be presented BY A TEACHER to the “Free2Go” marquee in

the Energy BreakFEST area between 12.00 pm Friday and 12.00 pm Sunday.

The school will be marked off and given details and instructions about how to

collect their Rebel sports equipment prize.

WHAT IS Free2Go?

The RACV “Free2Go” program is available to all Victorians aged 18 to 20 years, as well as Year 12 students.

free2go offers all the benefits of RACV membership and comes with Roadside Care.

What makes the program really stand out is that for 18 year olds and Year 12 students,

it is free.

And for 19 and 20 year olds, Roadside Care is only half price. Peace of mind at a discounted price Ð you can’t say no to that!


In addition to the equipment kits for all school, prize winners for categories will also receive larger Rebel sports vouchers!