After a number of recent enquiries, the Planning Committee wishes to make it clear that there is NO OPPORTUNITY for any formal training sessions on the circuits before the weekend, except the ones identified in the programme during the event.

This is primarily because of the Public Liability implications and the Insurance Company will not allow us to provide formalised training on the track without full road closure and the road barriers (as per race conditions) being in place. The site now begins transformation early on the Monday before the event, with roads closed from 9am on Wednesday this year and HPV A teams begin arriving on Wednesday.

However, the risks extend beyond public liability, as the frequency of trucks, cars, buses around the precinct during the week/s leading up to the event would make it particularly dangerous to practice on the circuits.

During the event – people expect to see vehicles and there is significant protection (barriers and rules) in place to maximise safety for riders and spectators.

But before the event – these are simply normal roads and HPVs and Hybrids are unexpected roads users and move quite quickly.

A number of years ago, a participant from a local school was practicing on the RACV Track before the event when they came unstuck, rolled the vehicle and hit a log fence. The rider received severe head injuries, which at one stage were feared to be life-threatening.

When practicing before you leave for Maryborough please do so in unused car parks, on quiet local roads or on a velodrome. It is also encouraged to put out signage indicating to other road users that you will be practicing so they can look out for you. A template is available for download and use.

If you’ve been out training and can suggest some good tips for other schools to follow, please forward them to: Online