The Energy Breakthrough event in Maryborough is proving to be as popular as ever – from city to country, across State, Independent and Catholic schools, whether tiny, small, medium and large. Here, we have end of term 2 updates on both our current Entry Lists and our map of participating schools for you.

2019 Participating Schools

Also online are the Entry Lists for the 2019 Energy Breakthrough. These schools and their communities are taking on the challenge of designing, constructing a machine that represents an ‘Energy Breakthrough’. These lists are dynamic, so as Team Managers update their team names through our online entry system or are moved from a Waiting List into the event, those changes are reflected in these lists here, too.

Can I still enter a team?

Yes! There is space for HPV Secondary teams in All Female, or in the Innovations In Technology or the Pushcart categories.

We’d like to encourage any schools who already have an HPV entered to have a look at these categories as they cater really well for additional students who may not be able to be included in the HPV program due to the limited number of spots on a team – but you’d still like to give those students an ‘Energy Breakthrough experience’.

Please contact us if you or your school is interested in entering a team.