This year Seymour College  are sharing their journey in preparation for the 2014 RACV Energy Breakthrough. Through these progress reports at the end of each term, you’ll be able to find out what the students and teachers have been up to, what’s gone well, what’s not gone so well and what they’re looking forward to in the term ahead.

We’ve put this together to showcase some of the schools involved, and to promote how they successfully operate and manage their Energy Breakthrough teams.

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Seymour College

What we have done this term to prepare for the Energy Breakthrough?

During term 1 at Seymour College we have worked on improving some of our training trikes ahead of some practice sessions that we will begin start next term. We have also serviced and cleaned one of our trikes from 2013 and recently purchased some chrome moly steel in preparation for us to completely build three brand new frames for the RACV Energy Breakthrough in Maryborough in November.

What’s gone well?

Seymour-Metal_640_300This term we have been able to fix four out of our eight training bikes and we have had numerous students assisting us with this process and have volunteered their own time. The students have been able to practice their procedural writing skills; where they are in the process of developing a manual detailing on how to maintain and repair our trikes. This has assisted students to learn the necessary skills including replacing a gear cable, replacing a brake cable and changing tyres so in term 2 we can get straight into training hard.

What’s not gone so well?

Unfortunately, we haven’t had the opportunity to hop into the trikes and start riding yet. However, a few of us have had the opportunity to do some ‘test’ riding to carry out a quick safety check to ensure our brakes, gears and steering are all working correctly and safely.

What our plans are for next term?

Seymour-Practice_640_300Next term we plan to arrange and organise our expression of interest forms and begin training at school on our asphalt area in week two of term. We will be able to improve on our pedalling, steering, braking and gear changing skills. Once we are proficient at this we will then be able to move onto the go-kart track where we can ride faster, learn how to corner safely and efficiently and improve our overall fitness.

We will also begin construction of our new frames for our 3 trikes. Luckily, we have been nominated for the Holden Mentor Program and hope to be involved again in this valuable support program. We have been working hard with our team manager on a shape for our trikes incorporating student ideas and to help build a more aerodynamic and efficient vehicle. This year we have also chosen to enter an extra team into the Tryathlon category at the Energy Breakthrough which will provide an opportunity for more students from years 7-12 to become involved in our program.


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