This year Maryborough Education Centre are sharing their journey in preparation for the 2014 RACV Energy Breakthrough. Through these progress reports at the end of each term, you’ll be able to find out what the students and teachers have been up to, what’s gone well, what’s not gone so well and what they’re looking forward to in the term ahead.

We’ve put this together to showcase some of the schools involved, and to promote how they successfully operate and manage their Energy Breakthrough teams.

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Maryborough Education Centre

Pizza - Maryborough Education Centre - Term 1 2014 Progress Report

What have you done this term to prepare for the Energy Breakthrough?

Here at the Maryborough Education Centre as a school we have advertised positions for overall Energy Breakthrough management positions in both our junior and secondary levels and we were able to allocate team managers of individual teams.

We’ve also had a review of our performance in the 2013 Energy Breakthrough and we were able to discuss both our positives and negatives.

Planning for 2014 included:

  • Budgets
  • New trikes
  • Equipment
  • Possible sponsorship and fundraising opportunities.

We’ve also discussed the number of teams that will be competing in 2014 and placed entries online.

Students and staff have been able to make a start with fundraising with operating the school canteen for local sport tournaments and Prep-Grade 6 completing their first fundraiser with a pizza meals deal.

Student information sessions have been held this term to discuss entries, expectations and commitment levels to gain places in teams for the event.

Pizza 2 - Maryborough Education Centre - Term 1 2014 Progress ReportWhat’s gone well?

The enthusiasm and level of involvement levels from students and managers to support and plan for the Energy Breakthrough for 2014 and our attempts of fundraising to date has been successful to date.

What’s not gone so well?

The stress levels of some of our team managers when entries opened online.

What are your plans for next term?

Further planning and meetings involving our whole school in regard to the 2014 Energy Breakthrough. To continue to increase our fundraising efforts to support our equipment purchases in preparation for the event. Increase student participation, and race and training trikes stripped to begin maintenance

You didn’t come straight here did you? This is part # of four in our Team Progress reports throughout the year.


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