This year Jells Park Primary are sharing their journey in preparation for the 2014 RACV Energy Breakthrough. Through these progress reports at the end of each term, you’ll be able to find out what the students and teachers have been up to, what’s gone well, what’s not gone so well and what they’re looking forward to in the term ahead.

We’ve put this together to showcase some of the schools involved, and to promote how they successfully operate and manage their Energy Breakthrough teams.

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Jells Park Primary

What have you done this term to prepare for the Energy Breakthrough?

Casey Cycling Festival 2014 - Jells Park PS - Term 1 2014 Progress ReportOur preparation for the 2014 RACV Energy Breakthrough has begun with an expression of interest from our grade 6 students and we had an impressive 40 forms returned. We have conducted short fitness tests in order to determine our 4 teams which will enter 2 in HPV and 2 in Pushcarts. Students were given logbooks; where they record the type, duration and frequency of training that they complete at home.

We have also purchased a new HPV from Speedy Trikes in Maryborough and we have picked it up in the holidays and will start training next term. We also have begun discussing sponsorship within our local community and sent out a series of letters to possible sponsors to assist us in raising funds for new equipment and to cover camping costs at Maryborough.

What’s gone well?

Here at Jells Park Primary School we heavily promote our HPV program and we receive a lot of interest back from our grade 6 students every year, and this year is no different with large numbers of students interested in the program. Our home program system has started brilliantly and each student shows their logbook to a team manager and we note and record their entries based on distance and frequency of each entry.

What’s not gone so well?

Unfortunately, at this stage we don’t have any confirmed sponsorship for 2014 for our 4 competing teams. However, we have had some verbal agreements from a number of companies but have yet to receive any goods or monetary donations.

What are your plans for next term?

Physical Training - Jells Park PS - Term 1 2014 Progress ReportNext term we will be conducting our next round of fitness testing which will assist us to select riders for our 4 teams. Students will begin weekly fitness training sessions at school as well as becoming familiar with the trikes and pushcarts. Students will be reading through our specifically designed school handbook and learning about the different aspects to our HPV program and they will be tested on their knowledge of the different areas. We will be looking at the 4 vehicles and begin to dismantle and strip them. During this time students will be able to assist and look at any modifications that can be done to improve the vehicles.

Towards the end of the term students will begin work on their oral presentation skills in preparation for display and presentation at the Energy Breakthrough. Students will also be able to discuss and assist with uniform designs and roster their holiday training sessions.


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