Everything you need to know about this year’s RACV Energy Breakthrough is wrapped up in our 2014 School’s Handbook, which is released online today.
Head to our Downloads page to download the 2014 School’s Handbook >

From entry processes and categories through to event timetables and specifications, it’s an extensive publication that will set the course for your year ahead.

Key rule changes for 2014:

  • Increased variety of batteries available for use by Energy Efficient Vehicle teams.
  • Reduced Fuel Allowance for Energy Efficient Vehicles operating on E85.
  • Expanded the Junkyard Challenge for Secondary school students
  • Removal of requirement for mirrors to be a set size, however they must still afford rider sufficient and safe level of rear and side vision and complete visibility tests.
  • Reduced the quantity of number panels on vehicles from three to two.
  • Reduced allocation of pit spaces for all schools with three teams in any category from three pit spaces to two pit spaces.
  • Increased field caps in the HPV Primary and HPV Secondary events.


The RACV Energy Breakthrough Executive Committee are also exploring alternative locations for some Pushcart and Try-athlon events for 2014 and 2015. Confirmation of any change will be communicated to participating teams at the start of Term 3. We have some exciting solutions in mind, but are awaiting planning approvals before we can make any announcements.

New year, new format

We knew that wielding a 75 page document was a challenge. So to improve useability, we’ve also split up the handbook into seperate sections for each category.

Part A : Everything you need to know

Part A includes all of the essential program information relevant to all teams. Every team manager and team captain should download a copy and familiarise yourselves with it.


  • About the RACV Energy Breakthrough
    • Overview
    • Aims
  • Entries
    • Categories
    • Entry Fees
    • Quotas
    • Terms and Conditions of Entry
  • Prepare
    • Curriculum Integration
    • Additional Programs:
      • Holden Mentor Program
      • Electric Vehicle Incentive Package
    • Training
    • Sponsorship
  • Assessment
    • Scrutineering
    • Design and Construction
    • Display and Presentation
    • Trials
  • The Event
    • Accommodation and Camping
    • The Tracks


Part B : Category Specific Downloads

Part B of the Handbook is now available as specific guides for the categories you are interested in.
We hope this will make it easier to print, view on tablets and share with others in your team.

These sections each include:

  • Schedule / program of activities
  • Specifications for preparing your craft, cart or vehicle
  • Trial regulations
  • Site Map
  • VicRoads Participant License template
  • VicRoads Log-book


Get started: