A new pedestrian bridge – sponsored by KFC – will improve the flow of foot traffic around the Holden circuit across the creek.

In the past, teams en route to the repair station were struggling to carry their vehicles across the narrow bridge alongside the toilet block and spectators were restricted in access to various parts of the circuit.

Now, regardless of what event is taking place on the circuit, teams and spectators will be able to cross the creek quickly and easily and find new vantage points for the HPV A 14 hour trial, the 24 hour Hybrid and 8 hour Try-athlon events.

KFC Maryborough enjoys its highest sales during the Breakthrough each year and has moved from the small outlet at the roundabout of Tuaggra St and Napier St. The new larger store is located at the traffic lights at the junction of Tuaggra St and Park Road.

KFC’s support covers the cost of purchasing, painting and modification of the container to allow people to walk through.

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