Welcome to Term 4 … or as we like to call it ‘EB Term!’ A friendly reminder Pit Requests, Camping Details and Mobile Cool Room Applications are now open for team managers to submit ahead of the deadline at 9am Monday 9 October.

Instructions for Team Managers

  1. Log-in to your myEB account at https://my.eb.org.au/
    Or click on ‘Team Manager Log-in’ on the EB website.
  2. Click on ‘Forms’ on the menu with the myEB portal.
  3. Choose the form you wish to complete (i.e. for Pit Requests, Camping Details or Mobile Cool Room Applications).
  4. Click ‘Begin’ to complete and submit the form.
  5. If you make a mistake or wish to update your submission you can go back at edit at any up until the deadline of 9am Monday 9th October 2023.



Pit Requests

This form allows you to let us know your preference of pit area and whether you are planning to share resources and tools with another school group.

There are three Pit Areas on Track 1:

Pit 1A on the ‘Stafford Front Straight: numbered 1-54.

Pit 1B on Burns St Back Straight numbered: 55-99.

Pit 1C near the skate park and caravan park numbered: 100-130.
Please note that teams participating in the Pushcarts, Junkyard Challenge and the Robotics challenges are exempt from completing this form.

Deadline: 9am Monday 9th October 2023.

Camping Details

ALL schools are requested to complete this form, including those who are not staying on-site. This form allows you to let us know how many students, adults, tents and camping equipment you are planning to bring to the event. We understand that you may not yet have this information finalised, but when you do have the information, please submit it to assist our team mark out the camp sites.

Deadline: 9am Monday 9th October 2023.

Mobile Cool Room Applications

Only needs to be completed by schools who wish to bring a cool room on-site to the event and ideally share these with another school. These need to be approved so we can consider appropriate placement of the cool room for your campsite and power access.

Deadline: 9am Monday 9th October 2023.

Other reminders

Vitual Display and Presentation (selected categories only)

Team who wish to prepare and submit a ‘Virtual Display and Presentation’ for judging prior to the event can also do so through our ‘MyEB’ online portal. This is in lieu of an ‘in-person’ presentation at the event for the following categories ONLY.

  • HPV Secondary (option)
  • Energy Efficient Vehicles (option)
  • HPV TRYathlon (option)
  • Pushcarts (video presentation only)

Find out more and check out our ‘Top ten tips for your video Display & Presentation’ here >

Deadline: 5pm, Friday 27th October

Student / Rider Details

Team managers are required to submit their student and rider details for each participant through our ‘MyEB’ online portal.

Deadline: Prior to ‘Check-in’ on-site at Maryborough.