Dear student, teacher, parent or supporter,

Our Schools Handbooks for the 2023 Energy Breakthrough (EB) is now live in the Team Managers’ Hub page on our website.

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Please note that there are two Parts: A and Part B and they should be ready in conjunction with the specific ‘Handbook’ for each category.

Entries for all categories will now open at 12noon on Monday 20th March 2023.

Looking back, the 2022 Energy Breakthrough event was more epic than most: 100kmh+ winds, thunderstorms, 77 school campsites relocated (twice), an electrical fire, and a temporary total site evacuation! We all got through it: thanks to schools like yours who pulled together, were willing to be flexible, commit to a plan and follow the directions of an amazing team of EB volunteers and officials.

Right now, in 2023, some of our Energy Breakthrough schools are facing fresh challenges. There is loss of momentum caused by COVID-19, the impact of a number of key STEM teaching staff changing schools or retiring, and the introduction of new Time In Lieu arrangements.

Nevertheless, we are raring to continue this exciting schools’ program that began in 1991 and has been challenging and changing the lives of young people ever since.

Some key points for 2023 that we wish to highlight:

  • We are go: The program and event will definitely be held in 2023 and EVERY school team that wishes to participate will be able to participate.
  • Entries: Given we now have capacity in the program, there is no longer a need for Team Managers’ to enter immediately as entries open.
    Instead, we will be holding an application period from 20th March to the end of Term 1 for schools to submit their entries at their own pace. These entries will be ‘Pending Approval’ and will then be reviewed and schools advised early in Term 2.
    Overall, we hope this change of process is a relief to all Team Managers.
  • Schedule may change: COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the number of schools participating in our program, as a result the event schedule may change, too. We will know more once we have received and reviewed our 2023 entries.
  • School-based-teams only: We are no longer accepting entries from non-school-based teams. Only school-based teams or teams from educational institutions will be accepted in 2023.
  • Expanded Video Display & Presentation option: More schools will be able to submit a Video Display & Presentation prior to the event.
  • Robotics: Following a successful demonstration event in 2022, our new Robotics event will be a fully-fledged part of the EB program in 2023.
  • Caravan Park: In a change from previous years, schools wishing to stay in the caravan will need to pay all fees directly to the Caravan Park. This will not be subsidised by the Energy Breakthrough in 2023.
  • Power Reduction Aims: We are aiming to reduce our school’s reliance on mains electricity in their campsites and in pit lane at our event. Our aim is to be free of mains electricity for camping by our November 2025 event. 

Support Available

We have an experienced and dedicated team of coordinators ready to support schools like yours on their journey from now until they reach Maryborough in November. This can be done through phone calls, emails, face-to-face visits, ‘Test and Tune’ Days and workshops.

My own story is that in 1995 I came and watched my older brother participate in the Energy Breakthrough and I was hooked. I helped start the program at my own high school and competed four times myself in Maryborough and at several other events, too.

I believe in the Energy Breakthrough program.

I believe it has the power to change the lives of young people in profound ways.

I hear the stories that tell me this is true.

I believe it can still draw together the school communities of students, teachers, staff and parents around an epic challenge.

Good luck as you embark on your journey for an ‘Energy Breakthrough’!

Nigel Preston, Energy Breakthrough Education Team Leader