There’s a number of initiatives as part of the Energy Breakthrough that are new for ‘22, including:
  1. New Robotics Demonstration Challenge
  2. New Video Display & Presentation option
  3. New two-day Pushcart Schedule and video challenge
  4. New Energy Meters for energy efficient vehicles
  5. New HPV Primary and TRYathlon schedule

We’ll be unpacking each of these over the coming weeks, with the second cab off the rank the ‘New Video Display & Presentation’ option.

Display & Presentation:

  • Schools will still be encouraged to participate in the face-to-face Display & Participation component at Maryborough.
  • As per 2020, we will be offering an optional ‘Virtual Display & Presentation’ component, where videos can be submitted prior to the event for judging.
  • The intent of this process is to encourage schools to capture their Energy Breakthrough journey throughout the year, not be a media or short film contest!
  • Please note that this ‘Virtual Display & Presentation’ option will be available to Secondary HPVs and Pushcarts only in 2022. It will be reviewed for effectiveness by the Country Education Partnership team for the 2023 program.
  • This area will be coordinated by Laurie Preston.
  • Full details of this process will be released in Term 2.

What are the benefits of this Video Display & Presentation concept?

Hear from Display & Presentation coordinator, Laurie Preston, on this new initiative:

Laurie: One of the aims of having Video Display & Presentation is to display the team’s journey to Maryborough.The Energy Breakthrough is not just a race. Schools put in many hours of work into the program and as the event is all about the learning process and the development of the students’ education, Video D&P gives schools the opportunity to display their campaign right from the start.

This also gives schools the opportunity to display the work of those students who aren’t skilled at presenting. It can be used to show the technical skills of some of the students.

The criteria for Energy Breakthrough cover a wide range of areas and these may be more easily included in a video, whereas they may be hard to present in a verbal way.

Maffra’s 2020 foray into Video D&P

When COVID started in 2020, we offered the opportunity for schools to present a Video D&P. Maffra Secondary College took up the challenge and produced an amusing take on COVID (check out their video here). It provides a basis to starting on the video. Answering the Impromptu questions does provide a challenge for schools in having all members of the team taking part and not having this section scripted.
(Please note questions have been trimmed from this example).

“At this stage, six schools have indicated an interest in presenting via video, but it is not too late for schools to take up the challenge.”

You can still opt-in

Videos need to be completed by Friday October 28th. Schools will be informed how to download their videos when the impromptu questions are sent out to the participating schools. Schools who don’t download the video will need to present in person at the Maryborough event.

For more information or to indicate an interest in completing the Video D&P, please contact:

Laurie Preston
Energy Breakthrough Coordinator – Display and Presentation
M: 0404308226