There’s a number of initiatives that are new for ‘22, including:
  1. New Robotics Demonstration Challenge
  2. New two-day Pushcart Schedule and video challenge
  3. New Video Display & Presentation option
  4. New Energy Meters for energy efficient vehicles
  5. New HPV Primary and TRYathlon schedule

We’ll be unpacking each of these over the coming weeks, with the first cab off the rank the ‘New Robotics Demonstration Challenge’.

We caught up with Robotics Coordinator – Rob Higgins – to understand more about the challenge and how it came about.

EB: Where did this idea come from?

Rob: For a number of years we have been pondering the potential of robotics in the Energy Breakthrough.  This year we have invited four teams – two Secondary and two Primary – to compete in the first Robotics Demonstration Challenge.

How will this work?

Each team will need one Sphere Bolt robot, a tablet / phone and heaps of creativity. There will be a series of challenges for the students to overcome on the day including mazes, dance competitions and more.

What’s the coding like?

Coding with Sphero is relatively simple, but can expand to be as complex as the students are able and all at a very cheap price.

What’s the cost involved?

A Sphero Bolt is around $250 and can be used by multiple teams.   


What have you seen students do in class with robotics?

My experience with robotics started many years ago with the old logo turtle and lots of wires and cables. Now, we have bluetooth devices connecting with any device.

My recent experience has been with Grade 3/4 students at Wonthaggi North PS who picked up the whole coding thing so quickly.

Coding is no longer a structured mathematical exercise it is now a fun and creative activity which naturally challenges all learners to think and explore.

Get Involved

Drop in this year and see what is happening in the Robots arena at the Energy Breakthrough. We plan for this to become an open event in 2023 with a number of Coding / Robotics Professional Development sessions being run around the state of Victoria to encourage more schools to get involved.