Our Energy Breakthrough Explainer Webinar series has been delivered for 2022, offering a great introduction for new schools and a refresher for people who are ‘not so new’ to the program.

The challenge for the Country Education Partnership team through this session is answering that sometimes tricky question: What IS the Energy Breakthrough?

The video of the EB Explainer Webinar is now ready to watch:

During this session, delivered by the team at Country Education Partnership, we covered:

  • Welcome
  • Background of the Energy Breakthrough (The origin story and a short history)
  • The Three Elements:
    • Display & Presentation,
    • Design & Construction, and
    • Trials
    • New Video Display & Presentation option
  • The Different Categories:
    • Innovations in Technology
    • Pushcarts
    • Human Powered Vehicles – Primary & Secondary
    • TRYathlon
    • Energy Efficient Vehicles
  • Mentor Program/s and other opportunities
  • Where to get help
  • Farewell / Q&A