It was a massive day in Maryborough this Saturday as our teams across Pushcarts, HPV A, Try-Athlon and HPV B teams battled it out to take out their respective categories. The competition was fierce, the excitement high, and the team-work on display from hour one.

Pushcarts bring their best game…

Our Pushcarts started the day for us with an incredible dash for the finish line in the Sprint event, it was a close one, but ultimately it was St Joseph’s Primary School team Rochy Rockets that took out line honours in the Pushcart A1 category. It wasn’t all smiles for the Rochy Rockets however, though certainly for the school’s trophy wall, as their other Pushcart team, the Swift Saints, took out the category overall.

In the A2 category there was a lot more competition to contend with, St Therese’s Primary School from Bendigo took out second place, whilst Pleasant Street Primary School and The Speedy Spudz, took line honours for the sprint event and the category overall. A special shout out to Beaconsfield Upper Primary School who achieved a perfect score in their design and construction – that is one nifty pushcart!

Primary track – a repeat of 2018..

The excitement didn’t end there though, with the primary event over on the Regional Roads Victoria track resuming early Saturday morning. There was no surprise as White Hills Primary’s EcoRush took out line and category honors for the A2 category, this being the third year in a row they’ve taken out the track with 369 laps – that’s over 400 kilometres! Derinya Primary Schools Flamingo and Maryborough Education Centre’s Meclicious Sista worked hard to come in tied in second place.

In the A1 category, local veterans Avoca Primary school swept the field taking out every single event in their category to ride home with an incredible overall score of 94.7, mirroring their efforts of last year. Avenel Primary School also rode home with a strong repeat of last year’s effort that saw them take out second place.

The Try-Athlon event kicked off at 2pm on Saturday afternoon, results to be released with this afternoon’s daily wrap.

At 1pm the HPV B event kicked off on the big track with no disasters to report. It’s been smooth sailing all around, although a disappointing finish for Outta Nowhere from Victory Christian College whose vehicle was damaged beyond repair in the final hours of the event.

Stayed tuned for the Sunday wrap at the conclusion of the 2019 Energy Breakthrough.