The Energy Breakthrough wouldn’t be the Energy Breakthrough if it weren’t for the incredible work, dedication and passion of our wonderful volunteers. It takes a force of over 700 volunteers to ensure the event runs, and we can’t thank them enough.

Each year we see plenty of faces at the Energy Breakthrough some new, some regulars, and some that have been coming for over a quarter of a century. We spoke with volunteer Geoff Clarke, who has been involved with the event since 2007.

Read below to find out Geoff’s experience at the Energy Breakthrough over the last 12 years.

EB: How did you first get involved in the breakthrough?
Geoff: A friend in RACV, Duncan Turnbull, suggested I may like to involve myself (we volunteered together with the RACV Community Foundation). I first came in 2007 and have kept coming ever since!


EB: What area’s have you been involved in as a volunteer and what is your favorite?
Geoff: I volunteer in scrutineering and Pit Marshaling. I have also done some Design & Construction judging which I also thoroughly enjoy.

EB: What has changed the most over your years of volunteering?
Geoff: Apart from me getting older, the Breakthrough has become more technical and the students more computer savvy. But nothing beats the sight of the participants’ joy and exhaustion as they strive to beat their personal bests.

EB: What is your favourite part of the event?
Geoff: I love the practice laps, both junior and senior and seeing the teams become closer with each other as the trial progresses. I have observed many acts of compassion and sportsmanship over the years. From the team that turned up for the first time, with an old canvas tent and ran out of tubes mid-trial, only to be given some by another nearby team and being told, “replace them next year”.Or, the team comes each year with one vehicle and runs it exactly (keeps left of blue, completes the 24 hours). And, the team that always cheers whoever is riding no matter what the lap time or the hour of the day.

EB: Why should others get involved and volunteer?
Geoff: Volunteering for the Breakthrough allows you to meet people you may otherwise not know or interact with. And seeing some of these young people who, I believe, are changing, or will change, our country in such a positive way with their actions

EB: Will you be back again this year? If so what will you be doing?
Geoff: Yes, Here from Wednesday afternoon until the trial is finished
I’ll be scrutineering, marshalling, scrutineering, marshalling, scrutineering, and (of course) marshalling.
I’ll be exhausted by the end, but then I’ve got a full year (until you need me again in 2020) to recover!

Thank you Geoff, and all our volunteers for all their work in the lead up and at the event. We couldn’t do it without you.