As the clock struck 07:59:59 this morning, teachers all around Australia were frantically refreshing their web pages to register into the biggest Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) event in their calendars, the Maryborough Energy Breakthrough.

With the first school to enter in just 10 seconds past 8, Carisbrook Primary School (local), entries for the A2 category quickly filled up to capacity within 34 seconds. 

For the next three days, teachers, principals and team managers across Australia are all patiently waiting for the relevant 8AM entry time for their category to enter into the 2019 Energy Breakthrough with over 400 teams expected to enter.

Team managers entering over the next three days are advised to login early, ensure they have a fast and reliable internet connection and are in a quiet space (away from noisy and distracting students or teachers!).

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Entry Checklist

To Do Today

  • Changed Password

  • Logged into the Registration System

  • Updated Primary Team Manager for 2019 (we’ll send all the information to this person throughout the year)

To Do Entry Day

  • Wake up early

  • Login at 7:30AM

  • At 7:55AM, refresh the page and confirm your login is still active

  • At 8AM, refresh the page and complete your entry process

  • Don’t spend time entering Team Names, do this after your entry is confirmed

  • Download your invoice and send to your accounts department for payment within 14-days