We’re gearing up for a very busy 2019, and we hope that you are, too! The Energy Breakthrough team have been exploring a number of new workshops and webinars that will deepen students learning opportunities and improve support for Team Managers, teachers and their schools in 2019.

Check out all the key dates you should be putting in your diary / calendar / app / noticeboard for 2019:



Tuesday 19 February

HPV and EEV Vehicle Specifications and Trial Regulations Released.



Wednesday 6 March

Schools Handbook Published. This includes details regarding entry fees, and details for the Pushcarts and Innovations in Technology categories.

Wednesday 27 March

8am, Entries Open for HPV Primary Entries Open

Thursday 28 March

8am, Entries Open for HPV Secondary and Energy Efficient Vehicles

Friday 29 March 

8am, Entries Open for TRYathlon, Pushcart and Innovations In Technology



Workshop #1, presented by La Trobe University.

Welcome to the world of the Energy Breakthrough for New Schools and New Team Managers
Dates and location to be advertised.

Workshop #2:

D.I.Y: How to convert your HPV into an EEV

Dates and location to be advertised.



Friday June 28

Timely entries close for HPV Primary, HPV Secondary and TRYathlon categories.

(Please note: most other categories can still be entered after this time.)


Term 3

Workshop #3

D.I.Y: How to repair a composite canopy (fibreglass, carbon fibre, kevlar)
Dates and location to be advertised.


Term 4:


Team, Camping and School Details to be lodged online


Final Workshop, presented by La Trobe University

Display, Design and Trial: Preparing for the Energy Breakthrough
Dates and location to be advertised.



Early November

Schools Information Kit / Event Guide is released.


Wednesday 20 November – Sunday 24 November

The event in Maryborough!